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Think Squirrels are Just Pests? 5 Reasons Why You Should Love them!

They may be annoying and destructive when they get inside your home but with squirrels, there’s more than what meets the eye… and it’s not all bad at all. In fact, some of it is pretty awesome! Milwaukee residents are already familiar with the nuisance that squirrels cause. We know they compete with birds at bird feeders and they are potential carriers of diseases but they also help in some ways. All this should be borne in mind when seeking squirrel removal services for your Milwaukee property.

Furry, Friendly and Fun!

One of the first reasons for caring more about squirrels is simply their adorable nature. The little animals are so friendly that unlike other wildlife animals, they will often scurry right up to people and eat from their hands! This is because many squirrels have become accustomed to human presence in their habitats. It is also undeniably entertaining to watch them as they scurry around from one point to another, or even glide mid-leap between high points like some species do.

Squirrel Smart

One of the reasons squirrels are such fun to observe is their cunning behavior. In the act of foraging, squirrels move with stealth, ensuring that human eyes are off them before proceeding to their secret hiding places where they stash their haul. A squirrel on a seed stashing mission will glance around in all directions to detect watchful observers  (which may be people or other squirrels) and they may even pretend to stash their nuts at one location to throw off curious eyes. They will then proceed to hide their supplies in another location. Apparently, squirrels are experts in the art of covert activities!

Most squirrels stay out of your home and in trees.

Bugs Away Squirrels are Here!

If bugs make your skin crawl or you are simply averse to them, then squirrels are your friends.  They eat bugs even though nuts acorns flowers and berries are their preferred food. If your garden is infested with bugs, a few squirrels may be all you need to resolve the problem.  Without squirrels in your area, there’d be a lot more bugs to bother you as you try to enjoy the outdoors.

Squirrels, nature’s Little Helpers

Squirrels help to keep the flora of planet Earth alive and flourishing. In a world challenged by deforestation, global warming and pollution any effort at reforestation should be appreciated and encouraged. In their hoarding activities squirrels often inadvertently deposit seeds in fertile soil where they germinate and spring into new plants. In addition, sometimes they are forgetful and so stored caches of seed remain buried long enough to grow into trees.

Squirrels Can be Vulnerable

Squirrels should be protected simply because they are vulnerable at times. Sometimes they are exposed to predators, which is why the Red Squirrel is so territorial. Baby squirrels are especially vulnerable as they are furless and born blind with eyes closed and remain that way for about three weeks. To make matters worse, winter is a popular birthing time for squirrels which means that baby squirrels exposed during this time are at the mercy of the elements.

People who wish to get rid of squirrels on their property should consider the advantages of having the furry little animals around. Maybe a close examination of the benefits of squirrel presence will be enough to encourage some more tolerance for them. If removal is absolutely necessary, ensure that the service employed is not only effective but also humane. Removal techniques should not result in harm or injury to squirrels. One team of wildlife experts, Skedaddle, is definitely suited for this job. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control squirrel removal service in Milwaukee offers three main components that when implemented will clear your property of squirrels without endangering the human or animal occupants of the space.  The service begins with a thorough assessment to determine the nature of the situation. This is followed by safe and squirrel friendly removal techniques and cleaning and clearing (if necessary) to remove biological and other deposits left behind by the squirrels. Skedaddle will also offer to install exclusion devices that will keep squirrels (and sometimes other wildlife animals too) away without harming them.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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