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5 Things to Toss from your Garage to Prevent a possible Mice invasion

Most home’s today have a garage available for the homeowner to use in order to store vehicles or seasonal items. While a garage is very handy for the homeowner, it can be a breeding ground for mice. Mice tend to seek shelter in a garage space in order to be warm and cozy. As the homeowner, it is important to learn how to keep your garage from becoming mouse infested. Below are a few tips of what you should remove from the garage in order to keep it mice-free!

Mouse entry from a garage into a house where hole has been made for an electrical wire.


If you have birdseed in your garage, be sure to remove it and store elsewhere or store in a sealed hard plastic container. When in bags, mice will chew through plastic and eat the birdseed, calling your garage their instant food source.

Bird seed stored by mice behind a garage step.

Pet Food

The same goes for pet food. If it must be stored in the garage, use sealed tough plastic containers to keep mice from eating the pet food.

Pantry Items

Some homeowners use the garage as a pantry area for additional food items. When storing foods in the garage, use containers or only items that cannot be chewed through by mice. When mice have access to your food, they will move into your garage for an instant food source.


When you keep cardboard and paper in the garage, mice will use the material as a way to build a nest. Avoid keeping an excess of such items in the garage so mice cannot create a home.


Leaves can easily blow into the garage and when combined with other debris, the garage can easily become the home for a mice infestation. Mice will burrow into the leaves and create a nest to use your garage as their space.

Clean out your garage on a regular basis in order to keep mice at bay. Look for any hidden areas in which mice could hide. Keep the garage as organized as possible so that mice have nowhere to hide and will avoid using your garage as their new home.

Wildlife Removal

If you use these storage techniques and still find mice in your garage from time to time, then you need to contact the experts. Wildlife removal technicians will be able to determine the entry points of the mice and use preventative measures to ensure that more mice are unable to access your home in the future. Mouse removal services are sometimes needed in order to fix the problem for good.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we can help you find the right way for getting rid of mice in your garage. Let our experts assess your garage and make a plan to remove mice for good. Contact our office today to get started.

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