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7 Facts about the backyard squirrel that may surprise you

Squirrels are tiny woodland creatures that we all recognize as they live in neighborhoods, moving from tree to tree in search of food. While most people think they may never interact with squirrels personally, the animal actually likes to take up residency in homes, sometimes in the walls or attic. When this happens, animal control will need to be called to take care of the situation. Learn more about squirrel removal and unique facts about squirrels below.

Squirrels can find food easily, even underneath snow!

Squirrels are scavengers and they find food by digging and climbing trees. When snow is present, the animal has the ability to smell food even under a foot of snow! A tunnel will be dug by the squirrel to reach the food to be used for winter.

Squirrel chewing through a plastic roof vent

Squirrels teeth are always growing

Another interesting fact about the squirrel is that their teeth never stop growing. Squirrels gnaw constantly at trees and even on portions of your home to wear down their ever-growing teeth. When squirrels get into the attic space, it is not uncommon to see chew marks and worn down areas.

Zig and Zag

To escape predators, squirrels will use a zigzag running pattern. This technique makes it hard for predators such as hawks to find the creatures as well as for homeowners to remove them from the home!

Trampled attic insulation from squirrel activity

Playing Pretend

Squirrels are known to be struck by thieves who want their food sources. To try and throw a thief off the scent, a squirrel will pretend to dig a honey hole. The squirrel will dig and then cover up the area, making it appear as if they buried something but in fact, they did not.

Newborns are tiny

A newborn squirrel is only an inch in size and can be very hard to spot if squirrels are living in your home. A trained wildlife professional will know how to find any squirrel babies and happily reunite them with their mother.

Putting on Weight

To be able to stay warm in the winter, squirrels will put on a few extra pounds. Squirrels know that they need extra padding in order to survive the cold winter temperatures.

Tree Growth

When you see a squirrel digging into the ground, they are placing nuts for storage. One would think that the squirrel would dig up all they bury, but that is not the case. Squirrels often leave nuts underground which results in a tree being grown. The animals are naturally creating more food sources for themselves by not digging up all their buried nuts!

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we know a lot about squirrels. We can help you remove any squirrels that have entered the home and take action to prevent squirrels from returning to your attic or other areas of the home. When you notice a scurrying of feet in the home, contact our office to have an evaluation completed and a plan in place to remove the squirrels from your space.

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