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Scarborough Wildlife Control: A Glimpse of Mice Summer Activities


Mice fall in the category with those wildlife animals that remain active all year. This summer, you should consider using humane wildlife control services to protect your Scarborough property from mice intrusion.

This summer you may be looking forward to a perfect season of sunbathing, pool splashing fun and general relaxation. But you should also remain alert for mice intrusions. The best way to prepare yourself is to know what mice do in the summer.

Mice in the Summer

So what exactly is on Scarborough mice’s todo list this summer? Like you, their number one priority may be to avoid the heat. This means they will scurry into the cooler sections of your home (think attic and basement) and set up cozy nests there. They will also relocate nests they occupied during the winter for cooler areas. For example, those homes that have warm attics, the mice will likely relocate to the basement.

They will also be out and about… a lot. Even though mice are active throughout the year, they tend to be more active around the summer. The lush foliage that is typical of the summer months also provides them with the perfect cover to sneak around as they forage for food. After all, a mouse has got to eat too! Pretty much mice eat anything you throw away which is why wildlife control experts always advise that you eliminate stored garbage in order to discourage mice from coming into your home.

Mice are especially talented at getting into spaces. They only need a dime sized hole or crack to make their way in. Additionally, they have amazingly flexible bodies that they can squeeze into difficult spaces. They also have a talent for finding breachable points in a building. They can easily perceive where the material is compromised and chew their way in. They also find a way in by identifying weaknesses where utility connections enter the building. This makes it difficult to exclude them from your property without expert assistance.

Hole created by mice

The Impacts of Mice in the Home

When mice inhabit your building a number of unwanted consequences follow.  These include health risks such as the transmission of diseases like the Hantavirus or Leptospirosis and safety issues that emerge when the presence of the rodents compromise the structural integrity of the building. Fire hazards emerge when they chew wires and leave them exposed.

Getting the Experts on Your Team

Prevention is the best way to handle mice issues in the summer. This means reinforcing your building to prevent an intrusion in the first place. The best way to do this is to get experts who are trained in predicting mice behaviour to inspect your home to identify potential weaknesses and correct them. If you suspect that you have a mice problem having an expert assess the situation is the first step.  Depending on the results of the inspection, removal may be necessary.

Don’t let mice ruin your party this summer. Let Skedaddle’s team of expert wildlife technicians protect you and your loved one from these little scavengers. Skedaddle’s comprehensive humane wildlife control and removal strategies are designed to remove unwanted animals from your Scarborough home safely and effectively.

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