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Allergies? Insect Bites? Try Pest Control

People who have insect allergies rejoice! A recent study from Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology gives new hope for your aversion to creepy-crawly-bitey insects as it reveals the possibility of injections that would make you “less allergic”. It’s a promising development that should decrease the risks for particularly vulnerable people, even though some will not find the insects any less disturbing. While this is a good development , effective pest control will always be an issue for as long as there are bugs—and there are a great many of them.

Insect allergies don’t always go away; even after a decade or two after the last reaction from a sting. However, the treatment—called venom immunotherapy—is very promising in that it can reduce the intensity of the reaction or the chances of suffering a severe reaction for a patient on treatment. This treatment doesn’t remove all the risks of allergy, unfortunately; but it does produce a marked improvement, and only takes around 2 to 3 months of treatment for the immune reaction to take effect.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology gives some expert advice on avoiding getting stung by insects, one of which is wearing clothes that cover extremities when gardening or working outdoors. Another is to avoid wearing sweet-smelling products (perfumes, deodorants, etc.) as well as being careful when consuming anything sweet. Last is to avoid clothing with floral patterns or bright colors so as not to be confused with flowers.

Allergy “cure” notwithstanding, however, insect allergies are still incredibly dangerous, so it is better to protect yourself by taking away the risks of encountering insects and other such pests. When your home or backyard gets invaded by these creatures, it can be a terrifying—sometimes deadly—ordeal, so the sooner you get rid of the threat, the better. That said, you should consider getting professional help in removing buzzing bees, pesky bed bugs, and other insects from your property.

If you’re not sure just which company to choose, you can follow a few simple tips in order to narrow down your choices. First is to check with the Better Business Bureau, because an accreditation from this organization, especially an A+ rating, is a big assurance of quality service. Consider also what kind of infestations or animal problems you are having; and then view it alongside the capability and experience of each company. A business that has had years to practice its trade and to make many customers happy will certainly not be as likely to let you down.

When you call in a reliable animal control company, such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, you might not even find use for cures or therapies being marketed to the public. If you’re uncertain of exactly how to ensure your family’s safety then call in the ones who do, and you’re going to be sting-free soon enough.

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