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Am I attracting Squirrels to my home with bird feeders?

Squirrels may seem cute but they are actually pests that can ravage the home. Squirrels can easily squeeze into tight spaces and often call the attics of homes their own. There are certain aspects of a home that call out to squirrels. When you have bird feeders in your yard, you are basically calling squirrels with a dinner bell as they love to eat bird food. Squirrels are notorious for stealing bird food so if you are going to have feeders at your home, learn what to do to avoid such issues.

Red squirrels gathering bird seed below a feeder

Hang the Feeder Differently

If you hang a feeder as you normally would, it can be a prime source of food for squirrels. Taking a different approach can help to avoid having squirrels eat the food you wish to leave for birds. If your bird feeder sits on a pole, you may need to move it to hang on a long wire between two trees. You can then use empty spools to block access to the feeder along the wire.

If you must use a pole, you can purchase something known as a squirrel baffle. The unique produce is a plastic dome that attaches underneath the feeder. This dome keeps the squirrels from being able to move up the pole and eat the bird feed.

When birds eat from the feeder, they can also drop seed which will then be picked up by squirrels. This can cause squirrels to try and attack the feeder in order to get more from this free food source.

Squirrel Removal

Once you find that squirrels have taken over and are too bothersome, you need to contact squirrel removal services. Getting rid of squirrels can be quite difficult for a homeowner and it requires the knowledge and skill of an expert. Squirrels are swift creatures and quite cunning, so the right plan of action needs to be taken in order to remove the squirrel from the premises.

To begin, a removal expert will need to assess the area. You will need to provide information on where you have seen the squirrels and what they are doing to your property. Once the issue is determined, a plan will be crafted and set in motion to see the squirrels removed from your property.

After the squirrels are removed in a humane fashion, preventative service will be needed in order to prevent squirrels from entering your home or messing with bird feeders in the future. Wire mesh can be used on the roof line to close any openings for squirrels to gain access to your home. Any branches that hang over the home should be cut back in order to avoid giving squirrels easy access to your dwelling.

When you have an issue with squirrels on your property, give Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control a call. We are happy to assist with any removal service so your home life can get back to normal.

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