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Animal Control During the Summer: Keeping an Eye out for Skunks

As a homeowner, you have probably dealt with pesky creatures from time to time, including mice or squirrels. Did you know that skunks can be a problem as well? Skunks tend to make their home in neighbourhoods because of easy access to food and den sites. It is important to learn the signs of skunks in your neighbourhood so that you can prevent the creatures from setting up a den in or around your home. Read on to see how to remove the creatures and to learn how to have them removed from the area.


A litter of skunk babies waiting for their mother to relocate them

Skunk Infestation


Skunks are nocturnal creatures that do most of their scrounging during the night time hours. They venture into neighbourhoods to find food sources and often times will create dens underneath patios or porches. Once you have a skunk living in or around your home, you want to have the creature removed. Skunks can cause damage to your property including urine and feces messes, digging up your yard and eating garden veggies.

A litter of skunk babies waiting for their mother to relocate them

You can tell that you have a skunk problem in a number of ways. Have you found that your garbage cans are tipped over in the morning hours with a mess in your yard? Have you smelt signs of skunks or actually seen the creatures moving about your yard? Are your vegetables in the garden showing signs of being eaten? All of these are clear signs that your home is being visited by a creature, most likely a skunk.

If you can manage to stay up late at night, look outside to see if you see any signs of a skunk. Set up a camera and see if you can catch a video of a skunk moving about outside. This will help you to determine if the creature is in fact a skunk.

Skunk Removal

Once you have realized that you do have a skunk problem, it is time to set up removal service. To get rid of skunks, it is best to leave the removal service to the experts. This will help you to avoid being sprayed by the defense mechanism of the creature as well as any damage to your home or landscaping. Skunks make their dens below structures like sheds, decks, porches and additions. Our technicians will humanely get them out from below the structure and then dig around the perimeter and bury heavy gauge screening in the ground to prevent them from making their way back in. This way you never have to worry about them or any other animal coming back.

Once removed, you can take preventative measures in order to see the skunks no longer bother your home or garden. Knowing what to do, such as installing motion lighting or keeping garbage cans closed will ensure that skunks are not interested in your home. Being proactive helps to keep your property safe from such intruders as skunks and other creatures.

Keep your home safe and stink-free by contacting Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for skunk removal service. We are happy to help you remove skunks from your property and work quickly to ensure that skunks are no longer a problem or become one in the future. Contact our team today to learn more about skunk removal or the other wildlife removal services we can provide your home.

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