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When An Animal Control Service Helps Clear the Airspace

The warmer seasons in Canada may be time for the birds to “start singing” again, but hopefully, not at your expense especially if you’re a homeowner or facility manager. An article in the July 2013 issue of Today’s Facility Manager (TFM) magazine reported that bird droppings, which have high amounts of nitrogen, not only damage building materials, but could also carry harmful bacteria. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization state that birds are already potential carriers of disease pathogens such as those that cause West Nile Disease and St Louis encephalitis.

The health risks from birds encompasses the food you eat as it may contain salmonella and E. coli, along with a host of other fecal microorganisms. Such an issue warrants immediate removal of the animals, and cleaning out their wastes by an animal control outfit like Skedaddle Wildlife. This is in light of concerns from homeowners and business operators about how birds flocking around the area could cause their place to develop an unsightly appearance, making them unappealing to guests and customers.

Bird infestations in your property usually start when some birds find the nooks and crannies in the structure that provide attractive sites to build their nests. The most common places in a house or commercial facility to find these are vents, soffits, and even chimneys, whether used or unused. The article noted that flat roofs are favorite spots for pigeons. It is important to note the most visible nests, and report them to the wildlife removal solutions specialists, who may discover others in the property after conducting their own evaluation.

Provincial and federal laws prohibit the handling of bird’s nests, even those that may seem abandoned. The wildlife removal team will exercise utmost caution in doing so; in case a nest contains young birds, the crew can place them in a protective container with the parent bird before taking them away from the property. TFM writer Rob Harrison stressed, however, that the property’s occupants should also do their part by cleaning up the roofs of any debris that can attract birds, especially food; and by refraining from feeding any birds in the vicinity.

It’s not the end of the matter after the birds have been safely taken off your property; prevention is now the name of the game. Experts at animal control in Mississauga such as the Skedaddle Wildlife team can educate you on additional measures, and help out by installing deterrent systems such as nets under overhangs, steel screens for vents, and spikes. Cleaning out avian droppings may be discussed with the service provider or by an in-house crewmember, TFM noted.

Wildlife removal is an important part of any structure’s integrated pest management program, Harrison stressed. A company that removes animals of concern from the area without placing undue stress on them will have a positive impact on your place as well.

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