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Animal Control Tips: Peak Skunk Season in Rexdale

Even the most passionate of animal lovers will admit that skunks are not the most pleasant to be around. Unfortunately for citizens in Rexdale, skunk interaction is a reality that they just have to deal with. This is because human settlements have expanded into regions previously occupied by the animals. Some communities are established next to natural areas with thriving skunk populations. As the cooler temperatures of fall and winter arrive, skunks will search for places to hibernate comfortably. Many Rexdale residents find that nooks under their gazebos and porches are skunk favourites, creating the need for professional animal control.

Skunks are excellent diggers. Usually found under decks and sheds.

Skunks Enticed by the Allure of Potential Food

For skunks, the main allure of human environments is the plethora of food sources. Unattended pet food, garbage piles, and backyard barbecues are among the attractions that lure them from the wild and into human territory. But once in these areas, the skunk faces challenges as do the human beings with whom it comes into contact. One such challenge lies in the fact that skunks have poor eyesight so ending up in high traffic areas usually leads to their demise.

The Necessity of Keeping People and Skunks Apart

The skunk is one of those animals that we just don’t want to encounter. In addition to the pungent odour for which they are famous, wild skunks are carriers of rabies that no one wants to contract. At least we know that skunks are more likely to release their ‘stench’ when they feel threatened so there is some amount of control. So while no one looks forward to getting sprayed by a skunk, we pretty much know how to avoid this unfortunate occurrence- stay away from skunks and don’t startle them. In fact, if you come face to face with one stand very still until it goes away on its own. If you notice the skunk stomping its foot. It means the critter is getting ready to spray you and you should get away from it quickly. The diseases (such as Rabies) they carry, on the other hand, have no such control. A skunk simply cannot turn its infectious nature on and off.

Skedaddle specializes in skunk exclusion.

How the Experts Can Help

Fall brings out numerous active skunks who will no doubt present these and other challenges for people and themselves. This is why just the sight of a skunk on the property should inspire people to immediately get in touch with professionals, such as the wildlife experts at Skedaddle.

Don’t wait until skunks have converted your home into their hibernation haven. Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Animal Control. Skedaddle has an expert team of wildlife technicians who will help you to resolve your skunk situation successfully.

How Skedaddle Does It

After assessing the situation our team will get to work, using their expertise to identify the various entry points that have given skunks access to your property. Then they will dig strategically to coax the skunk out. If a mother skunk is nesting, the babies will be gently removed and placed in a temporary environment that is conducive to their survival until the mother skunk relocates them to one of her other dens.

Once removal is complete our team will conduct confirmatory checks and seal the entry points to prevent the return of the skunks, leaving you with the refreshing peace of a skunk-free zone.


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