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About the author:Bill is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University, he spent most of the next years in residential property development, building, running subdivisions and mobile home parks.

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Houston Wildlife Control: Identifying Squirrels

Houston hosts a thriving squirrel population. They live among us, entertaining us with their acrobatics and shenanigans and sometimes causing a bother when they invade our spaces. When squirrels become a problem for you, Houston’s wildlife control experts are there … Continue reading

Skedaddle Houston Humane Wildlife Control: What We Do

Wildlife animals have adapted to the presence of human beings in spaces that were originally their habitats. Unfortunately for both people and animals, what results is the conflicting situation of wildlife intrusion in domestic spaces. This is the reality that … Continue reading

Woodlands Animal Control: Signs of a Raccoon in Your Attic

There are many advantages to living in an area that is also occupied by wildlife. You get to witness the amazing interactions as animals go about their daily business. The environment benefits as well since each animal contributes to the … Continue reading

Houston Raccoon Removal: Protecting Against Rabies

While there is no doubt that Raccoons look cute and cuddly, there is a very important reason why they need to be dealt with using extreme care and urgency. The most dangerous thing about raccoons is the fact that they … Continue reading

Woodlands Animal Control: What You Need To Know About The Raccoon

Texas is one of the most famous states in the U.S. often depicted and symbolized by cowboys; what is often overlooked about the Lonestar state is that it has a diverse ecosystem. From gators and snakes to squirrels and armadillos, … Continue reading