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About the author:Bill is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University, he spent most of the next years in residential property development, building, running subdivisions and mobile home parks.

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Best Hiking Trails to Explore Wildlife in Houston

  This planet we call home has a plethora of natural gems that we admire. Included in these are the many species of wildlife animals that share the planet with us. Unfortunately, we also misunderstand too many of these animals …Continue reading

Houston Wildlife Removal – Rats in my BBQ

  Very few things can compare to the calm and relaxing feeling you get from an outdoor barbecue or grilling experience. Grilling events in the backyard also serve as ideal bonding moments for family members and friends. But the experience …Continue reading

Humane Wildlife Control: Active Skunks in Houston

  Skunks are among those wildlife animals that most Houston citizens want to avoid at all costs! And who can blame them? The furry little animals with their distinctive white stripe are notorious for dousing targets in a pungent stench …Continue reading

Houston Humane Wildlife Removal: Raccoon Behaviors

  One of the normal features of life in Houston is the presence of raccoons. This is a given considering that the animals are native to North America and have been in the area for longer than historical records reveal. …Continue reading

Common Rodents in Houston Plus Prevention Tips

  Houston is no stranger to rodent issues. The region’s humid climate, natural vegetation, and bayous create the ideal situation for these animals. The refuse generated by commercial and domestic activities serves to sweeten the deal for Houston’s rodents. The …Continue reading