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About the author:Founder of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control in 1989. Canada's largest urban wildlife removal and exclusion company. Industry leader and pioneer. Split, Scram, Scoot! However you want to say it, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has helped over 200,000 home owners and businesses safely and effectively resolve their wildlife issues. Happy to discuss business and franchising opportunities

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Keeping Mice Problems under Control this Winter

Beware! The mice are moving in. With temperatures dropping around the country, mice and other rodents are looking for cozy places to spend the winter. If you think you’re seeing more mouse activity in your house it is not your … Continue reading

Protect Your Roof From Raccoons in Winter

Raccoons and roofs go hand in hand in many residential communities around the world. Urban areas that are in the vicinity of raccoon habitats are likely to be faced with raccoon invasion problems periodically. The roofs of buildings, in particular, … Continue reading

Knowing Skunks’ Winter Habits and Achieving Animal Control

Thanks to their distinctive and pungent defensive mechanism, skunks have earned a bad reputation. Most assumptions that we make about them are based on falsehoods, misinformation and a lack of knowledge. But once you learn more about skunks, you realize … Continue reading

Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Shed This Winter

As you settle into your home this winter, enjoying the company of family and friends and basking in the cozy warmth of your home, the last thing you want to contend with is unwanted animal residents in your shed. Wild … Continue reading

Winter Professional Skunk Removal in Pickering

Wildlife in Pickering never takes a break. Some species may slow down and become less active in the winter, and the odd few even hibernate, but that does not mean that animal control experts don’t have work to do. Where … Continue reading