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Baby Squirrels Trapped in the Attic After Contractor Installs Screens


Houston residents should be very particular when selecting a team to handle their wildlife control needs. Technicians who are undertrained ill-equipped or unprepared will do a sub-par job and you may end up incurring greater costs in the long run. There is really no alternative to expert and thorough wildlife prevention services.

Wildlife Prevention Gone Wrong


One property owner learned this lesson in a very tangible way when baby squirrels were found inside the building after a contractor had installed screens without completing an inspection. The screens had been installed over soffit vents and baby squirrels were trapped at that point. The situation posed several problems. For one, the trapped animals would suffer as they had been separated from their mother. The confinement could have led to their death if a solution was not found. Additionally, the continued presence of young squirrels inside the home would lead to extensive damage inside the building as squirrels are known for sharpening and controlling their teeth using wood and other materials.

Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians to the Rescue


Thankfully, the homeowner was able to secure the services of Skedaddle. Our technicians, Mitch and Jeremy were able to remove the screens and locate the squirrels. Much to their surprise, the babies were quite mobile. The technicians’ knowledge of squirrel behavior allowed them to realize quickly that manual removal would be tricky as the animals were quite mobile. Mitch explains, “We started by removing the contractors screens to give them an exit. We then went up and examined the Attic when we noticed more than one head in a small hole in the insulation”.

They wisely decided to work on removing some of the screens to give the animals time to emerge from within the crevices, which they did eventually. This exercise of patience helped to prevent excessive agitation of the young squirrels. Mitch then tells us of  a surprising moment, “While I was inside speaking to the customer one basically leaped at Jeremy where Jeremy caught him. We took pictures and showed the relieved homeowner her fully mobile juvenile squirrel. As we took pictures a female juvenile jumped out of the same hole with the mother who was by then jumping around angrily tree to tree to roof. We still heard moving in the Attic and decided to place a one way door and ladder for the remaining family members still inside.“

After the baby squirrels were safely out and reunited with their worried mother on the outside, barrier installation was completed. This was after a thorough inspection was conducted to confirm that the space was indeed empty and no squirrels would be trapped inside. Mitch explained once the job was done “The excitement led us a tad late on the job but we finished up and left the customer happy we had progress to show her.”

The Importance of Training and Experience in the Wildlife Control Industry


As this and many similar cases reveals, wildlife control and removal is a very technical process which requires high levels of expertise and meticulous attention to detail as well as adherence to regional standards and regulations. In this case, the technicians needed to have knowledge of squirrel behavior in addition to their expertise in wildlife animal behavior.

A general contractor will not be familiar with the specific nature of different types of wildlife behavior (in the wild as well as in human dwellings). This may result in problems such as the contractor overestimating or underestimating the extent of the problem or failing to anticipate the presence of nursing nests or dens inside. This can go a far way in ensuring that the strategies and techniques used are both effective and safe.

The Skedaddle Approach to Wildlife Control


With the services of a team like Skedaddle, you can be assured that you are getting the best humane wildlife control service available. All our wildlife prevention services are tied to thorough assessments. These assessments are done to ensure that there are no wildlife animals (or biological material) left in the space before barrier technology is installed.

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About the author:Bill is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University, he spent most of the next years in residential property development, building, running subdivisions and mobile home parks.

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