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Backyard Squirrels Are Smarter Than You Think

Seeing squirrels running around in your backyard or on the branches of nearby trees may be a great sight on a warm spring or summer day. But, this may very well spell trouble for you and a number of other homeowners in the neighbourhood. People generally tend to underestimate these furry critters as mere rodents who can’t possibly do that much harm to one’s property or home. As it turns out, squirrels are very smart and are often the reason people need to reach out to wildlife control specialists like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

Squirrels are able to access attics by chewing holes in roofing materials like vents and soffits.

How Come Squirrels Are So Smart?

Squirrels are incredibly well adapted to urban life. Studies have shown that squirrels will bury up to 10,000 nuts in a single year and rather than sniffing them out later they are actually able to remember the exact locations of their caches.

Squirrels also engage in deceptive behaviour to help protect their food caches from being uncovered by other squirrels. When watched, squirrels will pretend to bury nuts in other locations. They are able to tuck the nut under their arm and out of view as they dig a dummy hole, saving their precious food for the real cache located elsewhere.

Squirrels are capable of chewing through electrical wires that run inside your home and could potentially be the cause of a fire.

What To Do If You Have A Squirrel Problem?

It is very important not to underestimate your friendly backyard squirrel because it will very likely cause tons of damage and major headaches if you make that mistake. The moment you notice squirrels scurrying around your roof or hear activity in the attic, you should perform a thorough inspection. Many homeowners assume that because squirrels are small they aren’t able to cause much damage to your home but in actuality they can be very destructive.

It also needs to be said that a professional squirrel control specialist is the recommended option. If you are looking for such a specialist, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Skedaddle.

Why Choose Skedaddle, You Ask?

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that has nearly three decades of experience in solving infestation problems. Having helped more than 200,000 homeowners to date, Skedaddle is THE squirrel control specialist you need. A particular reason for this, is the company’s signature three-step process that completely ensures you are never again bothered by wildlife. This process includes the following steps:

  • Assess & Remove This is where Skedaddle technicians identify all squirrel entry points on your home. It is also a stage in which all adult and baby squirrels are strategically and humanely removed from their nests.
  • Clear & Clean After removal, technicians clear and clean any contamination that can pose serious health concerns. Depending on the severity of contamination, your Skedaddle technician will advise cleaning and clearing both squirrel nesting material and damaged insulation.
  • Prevent & Protect The final step includes ensuring that your home is protected against future squirrel intrusions. Skedaddle technicians only use heavy gauge screening to seal any openings at risk for further squirrel entry. After such a thoroughly rounded process, you can rest assured that pesky squirrels will bother you no more, no matter how smart they are.

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