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Bat Control – How to Keep these Animals Out of your chimney

If you’ve noticed bats in your chimney, you should know that the situation isn’t as catastrophic as it seems. Bats often move into chimneys because they provide all of the conditions they need for safe roosting. They’re tall, dark, and cool, which makes them a perfect home for a colony to settle in and female bats to give birth to their babies. The height of the chimneys makes it easy for bats to come in and out, which is an added benefit due to the ease of access.

Why are Bats in Your Home?

If you have a colony of bats on your property, you’re probably wondering why and how it happened. Bats would normally live in their natural habitats, such as caves, hollowed tree trunks and tree tops. Due to many factors like wildfires and urban development, bat’s natural habitats can get disturbed, or even destroyed. When this happens, they’ll migrate to the nearest safe shelter, which in some cases, could be your home.

There are a number of ways to tell there’s a bat infestation going on in your home, one of the obvious examples is seeing the bats or finding the traces of bat feces. You’ll most likely to see them fly out in dusk, which is the time they go out to feed and drink water. The presence of bats in your chimney is a sure sign that you will need the help of a professional pest control company, as trying to remove them on your own could be quite risky. Here are some of the reasons why you need expert bat removal, and why you shouldn’t try to remove bats on your own:

  • Bats leave a major amount of feces (guano), which could carry communicable diseases. Not having proper training to remove the bats waste could possibly send harmful bacteria and spores into the air. Increasing the risk of infection through inhalation.
  • Bats may attack and bite in defense of their colony. Though chances of infection or major harm are low, you will need to seek out medical attention to prevent any form of infection.
  • Bats can damage the infrastructure of the chimney, causing it to deteriorate faster than normal. The guano build-up can weaken the mortar and other building materials, making the structure of the chimney unstable.
Bat Removal

Bats are nocturnal and sleep upside down.

Expert Bat Control Service is the Only Safe Solution

Skedaddles team of certified technicians possess the knowledge and skill to drive bats away from your home. They will examine all areas of your home, including the chimney, for bat activity and determine the severity of the damage should you have bats in the house. Next, they’ll wait for all of the bats to leave the area before sealing all possible points of entry into your home. After the exclusion, you’ll need a professional to disinfect the area and make any necessary repairs to the chimney so that it will be safe for you to use again. Expert bat control is the only right way to keep the bats away from your chimney. Only experts possess the skills to install proper safety methods such as screens and bat houses, as well as to detect possible entry points and suggest the right improvements.

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