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Expert Bat Exclusion: Avoiding DIY Mistakes

If you are not a fan of bats and in fact, you fear them or find them unsightly, then you may be at your wits end if you find yourself contending with one of these flying mammals in your home. In an effort to deal with the situation promptly you may be tempted to resort to DIY methods. But DIY methods of bat removal can turn out to be dangerous and quite costly. The best way to handle bat infestation issues is to engage professionals for humane bat exclusion services.

The Importance of Remaining Calm

The first thing to do after discovering a bat in your home is to maintain your composure. Bats have received a bad rap mostly because of how popular entertainment, especially Hollywood, has depicted them. If your phobia or dislike for bats leads you to become frantic when one enters your home, you may make the situation worse. Your frantic behaviour will terrify the bat and you can just imagine the damage that can follow as both you and the bat collide with furniture and appliances in the home.

A bat house is a great way to provide shelter for bats, and an alternative to your attic.

The Pitfalls of DIY Bat Removal

One of the most frequently seen DIY bat removal mistakes is sealing off all access points. Many people do this thinking that they will keep bats out. Unfortunately, they are often trapping bats inside because of the erroneous assumption that space has been cleared of the animals. Before access points are sealed, it is important to have an expert wildlife technician examine the home to ensure that there are no bats left inside.

Some DIY methods are so dangerous especially to the bats that they are prohibited by law. We need the bats around because they help to keep the insect nuisance controlled and they contribute to our ecosystem in other ways (such as helping in the restoration and growth of green areas). Additionally, any method that leads to the death of a bat is against Canada’s wildlife protection laws. Imagine being fined 10,000 dollars for each bat that perishes as a result of your DIY attempts! Not worth the financial sacrifice, right?

DIY Bat Removal and Health Hazards

When confronted by bat invasion issues, your ideal response is to get the experts on the scene fast. Trying to tackle the problem by yourself exposes you and others in the environment to health and physical harm. Expert animal control technicians are able to contain a bat invasion and restrict the transmission of bat-related diseases such as cryptococcosis. Experts are also able to minimize or eliminate the spread of ticks, mites, and parasites that are associated with bats. Additionally, professional bat removal technicians are trained and experienced in the proper removal of biological deposits such as guano which is a conduit for the disease histoplasmosis, which is known for its association with lung disease. Novice bat removers, on the other hand, will not have the benefit of the expertise and tools that experts use and as such may actually make the situation worse.

Why You Need the Experts

Bat exclusion specialists like those at Skedaddle are your best bet for effective bat removal and prevention.  Skedaddle’s bat control services begin with a detailed building inspection that provides accurate information on the state and extent of the invasion. This is followed by a bat removal plan which guarantees the complete removal of all bats from your home.  After removal, the technician or team of technicians will proceed to assist you with prevention strategies to ensure that bats do not return to your home. Humane methods are used for all Skedaddle’s services which means that all efforts are made to ensure that bats do not suffer during the process.

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