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Workplace environments offer larger places for bats that can colonize with up to 100 bats.

Bat Exclusion in the Workplace

Bats aren’t typically good for business. Their presence poses a threat to health and physical safety. Additionally, they can lead to disruption in business operations and end up costing lots of money. Naturally, bat exclusion is just as important for businesses as it is for residential properties.

How the Presence of Bats Affect People in the  Workplace

Workers who are freaked out by these animals will simply be unable to perform. Additionally, a bat flying around may cause chaos as people try to escape (even though the bat itself is often equally terrified and frantic to escape). Needless to say, a bat induced melee may lead to injuries as well as damaged property.

Office buildings can have double the amount of possible entry points than a home.

There are also health risks associated with the presence of bats. Rabies is a popular and very serious illness that is associated with bats. Rabies can be deadly if it is not treated in a timely and effective manner.

Asking your employees to remove the bats themselves is never a good idea as it exposes the novice bat remover along with other employees to bat-related diseases like rabies. You don’t want to risk your employee’s health by failing to handle a bat situation or by using ineffective DIY methods that fail to minimize or eliminate the risk. Another danger in attempting to handle a bat situation by yourself is contravening wildlife and bat protection legislation.

Bats in the Workplace? Let Skedaddle Help

Is your workplace disrupted by the presence of one or more bats? Don’t worry, you are not the first manager or business owner to face this dilemma. Let the experts at Skedaddle put your bat issues to rest for you. Skedaddle will assess your physical location to determine the level of bat infestation you are dealing with and create a strategic bat removal and exclusion plan to ensure that you, your employees and your clients enjoy a bat free environment.

Operating a business in a bat-inhabited zone? Don’t let bats soak up your revenue or drive you out of business. Get the professionals on board to implement effective bat exclusion techniques before an infestation. Exclusion services become especially important just prior to the winter months when bats start to head indoors to hibernate away from the harsh cold temperatures outside.

In addition to contacting the experts, you should also ensure that you keep accurate records of everything. This includes all transactions starting with the discovery of the bat infestation and your first contact with the expert removers. Ensure that the team you hire provide you with detailed initial assessment reports and progress reports throughout. This ensures that you protect yourself against potential legal liability in the future.

Why Expert Assistance is Your Best Bet for Bat Control

Getting the experts involved is less expensive than handling a bat situation that has got out of control and the consequences. Imagine the lawsuits that can be brought if clients or employees are placed at risk. Or even just the lost time from employees having to miss work. Ensure your business is protected against bat induced complications by getting professional and effective bat exclusion services before it is too late.

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