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Bat house on your property

Are you thinking about installing a bat house on your property?

Even after all these years dealing with bats, it is still amazing to see how easily they can find their way into a house. Their physical makeup allows them to slip in, almost undetected into, the tiniest of gaps.

When it comes to urban wildlife, few species are as polarizing as bats. While appreciated by the public for their important role in an eco-system (a single bat can eat hundreds of flying insects per night), bats are also capable of causing incredible amounts of fear and anxiety in homeowners.

Our customers tell us all the time that they don’t mind having bats around; they just don’t want them in their house. It’s for this reason that many homeowners will install a bat house on or near their home. That’s where Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control comes in. We have been humanely removing and excluding bats from homes and businesses for over 25 years.

If you think your property might benefit from a bat house this summer, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you have bats living inside your walls or attic, installing a bat house on your property won’t solve the problem. Bats love consistent warm temperatures, once they have found them inside your home they won’t give them up to roost in the cold outdoors.
  • Bats spend most of the year hibernating and require warmth to survive. You can expect your bat house to be empty for all seasons but summer.
  • Place your bat house in direct sunlight so that it has a chance to warm up.
  • To avoid predators, bats love to roost at tall heights. Be sure to install your bat house in as tall a place as you can find to improve your chances of attracting occupants.

Bats play an important part in keeping insect populations under control. This is one of many reasons why bat houses are so popular among homeowners.

Even still, when it comes to keeping bats out of your house, then be sure to seek a professional opinion about how to remove them. A failure to remove bats properly can make the problem worse and expose you and your family to unnecessary health risks.

Give Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control a call today to arrange for a wildlife specialist to visit your home – 1.877.222.9453.

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