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Bat Removal in Milwaukee is Important for Many Reasons

Bats are naturally weary towards people and won’t attack unless they feel threatened, therefore the likelihood of being bitten by bat is extremely low. That’s not a reason to go handling bats with your bare hands. In the article we will discuss why a bat’s bite is dangerous but also the steps you need to take to remove them from your home.

The Dangers of a Bat’s Bite

Bat’s bodily fluids and feces can cause infections, which is why you must react quickly in the event that you are bitten. Here are a couple of important things to note in case you are bitten by a bat.

A colony of bats on a roof.

Threat of rabies or other transmittable diseases. You need to have a bat bite medically treated just to be safe. Although it is the most likeliest of diseases you can contract from a bite, rabies isn’t the greatest of threats that can come from a bat bite. Lyssavirus is a dangerous disease that affects a wide range of mammal species, including people. There are also various viruses that bats can transfer through bites and guano.

You’ll need vaccines. You may have received all of your shots before the bite, however if you aren’t up to date you will need to get them as a precaution against viral infections. The bite isn’t painful. Bats don’t bite using their canines like other mammals. Their teeth are sharp, almost blade-like, and feel like a needle pinch on human skin. The marks can disappear very fast, which is why you should react as soon as you suspect a bite. After getting bitten by a bat, you should wash the spot with soap and water. This will remove some of the bacteria, lowering the risk of infection. If you suspect that the bat that bit you suffers from some kind of illness, or the animal looks lame and unable to fly, report it to your physician so that they do a more thorough checkup.

Exclusive Skedaddle caulking is the best bat repellent.

Dealing with a Bat Infestations? Skedaddle Milwaukee is Here to Help

Yes there are more than a few reasons other than a bite to be concerned about  a bat infestation. One way to avoid them is bat-proofing your home, but trying to get rid of bats on your own is dangerous. Not only do animals can get defensive, but you also risk causing harm to you, the bats and your home. This is why you should get a pest removal company to assist with the problem.

When a bat finds its way inside the home they enjoy the constant temperatures that attics and walls provide. The size of the bat colonies can range in size but no matter how big or small they can still cause damage to your property and pose health risks. There is a chance that a  bat could bite if it feels threatened or their nest is disturbed. If you know there are bat habitats near you or inside your home contact the professional right away. Their expert approach will safely remove the bats from your home, ensure everything is cleaned up and prevent any recurrence.

Skedaddle Milwaukee specializes in bat removal and prevention. If you need to protect your home against pests, we are the company to call. Our technicians will inspect your property and detect possible entry spots. They’ll suggest the right adjustments and remove the existing bats from your property.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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