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Bats in your House: Essential Solutions

Bats are mammals and warm-blooded creatures that can be seen flying around during the night time hours. The nocturnal creatures are known to use caves and dark spaces as their home base, often times taking up residency inside the attics of homes. Once inside your home, bats will begin to take over, enjoying the consistent temperatures that your home provides. Bats will reproduce and create a colony which will result in damage to your home as well as risks to your health.

A bat clinging to a brick wall.

The only way that you will be able to know that bats are living in your attic is to see them or to hear noises coming from the space. If you see bats flying around your roofline or go to the attic and see a bat, then you most likely have an infestation of sorts, be it a few bats or multiple. If your hear noises from the attic, the space should be investigated but the process is best left to the experts.

A bat that’s entering an attic through a vent cover on the roof.

Technicians who specialize in bat removal know just what to do and identify bat entry points as well as remove the creatures from your home. Bats can enter your home through holes the size of a dime so you could easily miss an entry point. The bat colony will need to be located and the phase of the breeding cycle assessed. Once this has been done, the technician will then be able to create a strategy for removal that will be humane as well as economical. Because the technician is knowledgeable in bat biology and behaviour, the bats will be removed without any babies left behind or health concerns for the future.

The area where the bats were located will need to be cleared and cleaned to ensure that no one in the home is affected by the droppings or any bat carcasses. Such issues can be a health concern for those in the home. This can include removing and repairing affected insulation as well as restoring of certain areas of the attic space.

The best way to ensure that bats do not enter the home again is with prevention methods. Sealant will need to be used on tiny gaps and holes found in your home. These entry points will be eliminated so that bats cannot gain entry into your attic in the future. It is also recommended that the bats be tested by the Public Health Department to check for rabies. If the bats test positive, then individuals living in the home may need to be given a post-exposure rabies shot as a preventative measure.

If you have bats in your home, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for bat removal services. Our technicians are happy to assist you with removing the nocturnal creatures from your home so you never have to worry about being subjected to viruses or disease from the mammals. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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