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Bats Inside The House? This Is Common During Summer

Bats are not only an important part of the ecosystem and environment, but they are also an incredibly unique wildlife species. They often become a problem for homeowners though, when they decide to roost or build a nursing colony in an attic or another section of a building or home. The first reaction to this is to usually want to evict the little critters from one’s home. This is a good idea, as insects, odour and health problems can arise as a result of accumulations of their droppings. Your safest bet is to contact a pest control professional like Skedaddle to help you with getting these animals from your home.

How Do Bats Become So Problematic In Your Home? 


The situation with most bat infestations is that they will typically use people’s attics for years before the odour from their droppings alerts homeowners to their presence. This happens because bats are very quiet animals for the most part and because they are nocturnal. Seeing one bat flying inside your home means there is a very small chance it might have entered through an open window or door. This could be dismissed as a one-off event. On the other hand, multiple bats flying around your house means that you probably have a colony  living inside your walls or attic. Bat droppings can cause health hazards, which means you need the assistance of a professional pest control service in order to get rid of them effectively.

A colony of bats tucked away inside an attic

Bat Pest Control: Be Careful Of Baby Bat Season 


Early summer is when baby bats are typically born; they have little fur and are very small. Once they become mobile in late summer, they tend to get lost more often than adult bats. The problem with baby bats is that they tend to go exploring when their mothers go out to feed in the evening. This often results in them becoming lost in the walls and ultimately emerging in living areas, as they make their way out through cold air returns, openings in walls or unfinished basements.

A professional pest control service can help you recognize the signs of a family of bats making your home, their home. Locking baby bats inside the attic is a common mistake made by DIYers who don’t understand bat biology and birthing cycles. Bats are able to tuck into and hide in the smallest of places, so it’s impossible to remove them by hand. That means bat removal specialists must identify how the bats are getting in and use one-way doors to lock them out when they exit the house in search of food.

Have Problems With Bats In Your Home? Call Skedaddle For Help 


Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that has nearly thirty years of experience in dealing with different types of pest infestations. Thanks to pioneering humane pest control methods and techniques, Skedaddle has helped thousands of homeowners to date thanks to its proven three-step process that includes:

  • Assessing & Removing
  • Clearing & Cleaning
  • Preventing & Protecting

A rare sighting of a bat on a roof during day time

Skedaddle is home to an A+ team of experienced professionals who are more than capable of solving any wildlife invasion problem. Call Skedaddle today and ensure your home is bat-free for years to come.

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