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Bats play a vital role in the ecosystem but should be removed from the home

Bats are a vital part of the ecosystem and we should be thanking them for controlling the insect population. Other bat species pollinate plants which helps in the production of fruits that support local economies. Fruit-eating bats in the tropics disperse seeds that are vital to restoring cleared or damaged rainforests. This may come as no surprise but there is also a benefit to the bat droppings (called guano) which is an excellent rich natural fertilizer.

A bat squeezing it's way out of an attic

A bat squeezing it’s way out of an attic

Although bats have many advantages they are known to spread a plethora of diseases. Rabies and Histoplasmosis to name a couple and if not treated with a vaccine can lead to death. It is important to be aware of bats in and around your home and take the appropriate precautions. Bat removal is your best option if you notice a colony in or around your home or even nearby.

A colony of bats can go unnoticed inside attics for many years

A colony of bats can go unnoticed inside attics for many years

Even though bites are the most typical way for diseases to spread to humans from bats, you should take note of the fact that infections can also arise due to exposure to various types of secretions, most commonly saliva. In the event that you’re either bitten or bat saliva finds its way into your mouth, nose, eyes or any open wounds, the first step to take is to thoroughly wash the affected area with water, followed by reaching out for immediate medical attention.

The reason why bat removal is so important is partly because of the fact that bats are endowed with small teeth that may not leave bite marks that are easily spotted on the skin. That being said, the majority of people typically experience bat bites when they’re awake, meaning they feel the bite itself and are, therefore, aware that they’ve been bitten. However if you encounter a bat near a person with a disability, in a room with an unattended child or even if you awake to find a bat in the room, seek out medical attention immediately.  Your best bet is to reach out to local health departments for both assistance with medical advice and testing bats for rabies.

Lastly, it goes without saying that, regardless of the fact that bats are capable of co-existing with humans relatively safely and that the spread of diseases to people is not that common,  it is still advised to resort to professional bat removal services.

If you are worried that there are bats nesting in your home your first step should be to contact the wildlife control experts. A company like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has professionally trained experts to assess the situation by identifying entry points and locating the bat colony. The technicians will ensure that all bats are removed humanely and that the babies will not be left behind. A complete cleaning and prevention will be done to ensure your home is safe and healthy moving forward. Should you discover them in or around your place of residence, the old saying goes “better safe than sorry,” and it has never been truer than in the case of bats.

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