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Bird Droppings Causing Problems? How To Get Back In Control

A flock of birds can become incredibly messy. If you have ever parked your car below a flock of birds or have had them around your property for a period of time, you’re aware of this. Even though birds are important for the ecosystem, that doesn’t stop them from causing problems for humans. If you are currently faced with a bird population that is wreaking havoc across your property or home, professional bird control might be your best option.

Bird Control Causes: Why You Need It


Among the various species of pest birds that are troublesome, there are several that can be particularly damaging. These include:

  • Sparrows
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons

Droppings from these species of birds contain high amounts of corrosive uric acid. This acid is a problem for humans because it can damage various building materials. It takes very little time for bird droppings to accumulate on stone, metal, brick, and siding of your home. If you don’t remove these deposits in a timely manner, you could be left with costly repairs and even irreversible damage. In order to prevent damage to your home, your best option is to deter, exclude and remove birds from your property as quickly as possible. When looking to accomplish this, calling the professionals to help you with controlling bird populations is the safest and most effective option.

Pigeon droppings can help make stores and restaurants less attractive to customers

Pigeon droppings can help make stores and restaurants less attractive to customers

There Are Other Risks From Pest Birds As Well 


When thinking about why controlling bird populations around your home is so important, keep in mind that bird droppings also create health risks for both pets and humans. Sparrow, starling and pigeon droppings often contain a fungal disease named histoplasmosis. There is a risk of inhalation if you are exposed to bird nests and roosts that are highly contaminated with dangerous fungal spores. If dry bird feces become airborne and travel through open windows and air vents, that is when humans are most at risk of infection.

Need Effective & Reliable Bird Control Professionals? Skedaddle Is At Your Disposal


These shingles will need to be removed and replaced as a result of starling droppings

These shingles will need to be removed and replaced as a result of starling droppings

If you are opting for the DIY approach to decontaminating and cleaning bird nests and roosts, always wear personal protective equipment. On the other hand, the recommended option is to always seek professional help. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that has both the know-how and the experience to safely and efficiently eliminate and remove the risk. More than 200,000 satisfied customers over the course of 20+ years in the humane wildlife removal business are proof of that. Call Skedaddle today and let them do the heavy lifting!


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