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Birds Can Be Pests! Help Control The Damage They Do

Even though they are essential to our ecosystem, birds can become pests if they take up residence near work and living spaces. Despite being graceful creatures, they cause numerous problems to many properties, commercial ones in particular. They cause tens of millions of dollars of damage each year to roofs and ventilation systems, as well as automobiles and machinery. Unfortunately, bird control is sometimes the only way to deal with them. Among the many problems they cause, the most common are:

  • Droppings
  • Nests
  • Noise

Droppings Alone Are Reason Enough For Bird Control

Bird droppings cause an array of different hazards and issues. Slippery when fresh, they may cause customers, employees and pedestrians to slip at places such as fire escapes and building entrances. Similarly, if found on or around a building, they convey to the public that the building is not maintained properly.

Pigeons roosting below the awning of a shopping plaza can make things messy for retailers and customers

Pigeons roosting below the awning of a shopping plaza can make things messy for retailers and customers

The longer bird droppings are allowed to sit on automobile paint, the more damage it will do. The droppings eat into the protective coating and paint itself. Similarly, industrial machinery and air conditioning equipment are also at risk from heavy damage due to droppings. The same applies for any workers operating such machinery.

Roofs and properties both offer exposed surfaces prone to heavy damage from droppings, which is another reason for controlling bird populations. Droppings eat away at tar-based proofing materials, as well as a number of other building materials. Susceptible to damage are iron, steel, stone, and wood, not to mention paper and cardboard that are frequently used for packaging products. Lastly, bird droppings host more than 60 transmittable bird-borne diseases and parasitic organisms that are fatal to humans.

Starling droppings that have stained shingles

Starling droppings that have stained shingles

Bird Control Strategies Always Include Getting Rid Of Nests

Controlling bird populations typically includes removing their nests in order to prevent them from returning to cause more damage. Nests can result in severe damage to buildings by causing fires, blocking ventilation systems and damaging roofs.

Because they are mostly constructed from dried droppings, straw and twigs, nests are usually flammable. A particular fire risk is nests constructed in electric machinery and signs.

Similarly, nests built-in ventilation systems and chimneys may cause carbon monoxide build-ups by blocking air flow. They can also spread disease through the system.

Lastly, when built on the underside of roof corners, as well as drains and gutters, nests may cause damage through collapsed roofs. This happens due to drainage systems being blocked and water being forced to rise.

Noise Is Another Reason Why Bird Control May Prove Necessary

When they gather in sizeable numbers, many species of birds produce an irritating and incessant noise. This type of noise can be not only a distraction but also a nuisance to surrounding workers and building occupants. More importantly, it can deter customers from returning to a business, causing a loss of revenue.

In summary, pest birds can endanger human health and damage property significantly. If you have a problem with pest birds, remember that bird control is best done by trained and experienced professionals. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has nearly 30  years of experience in the field, which makes them experts in solving bird and other wildlife problems. Contact Skedaddle today and solve your bird problem quickly and with minimal discomfort.

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