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Birds Could Be Damaging Your Building

Pest birds can be a real disaster both for residents of apartment and condo  buildings, as well as the owners and managers. Bird control is almost a given in these situations, as it’s impossible, impractical and ineffective to continuously attempt to scare pest birds away only to have them come back time and time again. Regardless of that, chances are you know a few people that stubbornly keep checking their structure both timely and thoroughly to ensure it is pest-free.

Bird droppings can permanently stain building exteriors

Nesting pest birds can cause a wide range of problems and issues, as their handiwork encapsulates everything from staining walls with their droppings, blocking ventilation systems and flat out causing roof damage. They can leave behind disease-carrying droppings that need to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis – which goes especially if you have anything to do with displaying, storing or serving food.

When birds nest in roof vents the material can frequently fall into the attic below and accumulate into large piles over time

Before you reach out to call bird control, it pays to take a moment to truly understand birds and their motives. It goes without saying that, when it comes to places to nest and roost on commercial property and buildings, pest birds are always on the hunt. The two main considerations here are understanding that, a) they typically choose locations that are close enough to water and food sources, and b) they require a place that is high enough to protect them from any number of ground predators. Thanks to humans, most buildings offer abundant locations that satisfy both of these criteria.

For instance, a shelter for nests, as well as ample security and warmth, are all ideally available in and around signage. Rooftop air-conditioning units also provide similar conditions in abundance, most notably, shelter from the elements and warmth courtesy of compressors/electrical motors. Unfortunately, the ingenuity and architectural prowess of birds comes well in handy when it comes to making use of the various nooks and crannies of rooflines. Lastly, it goes without saying that the open attics on many buildings serve as nothing short of an invitation for pest bird populations.

As for how to deal with them, you’re actually looking at several options. That being said, professional bird control services are always the go-to choice for many, and with good reason. This is especially true once you realize that birds tend to gather in greater numbers once the first few have settled on a warehouse of a building. The safest option here, even for the professionals, is to deter them before they arrive and maintain a simultaneously vigilant and proactive approach to the potential infestation.

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