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A Bird’s Diet Can Be Linked To Bird Control On Your Property

While birds are very important for the ecosystem, there are situations in which they become extremely troublesome. One such situation is when their feeding and nesting activities cause them to nest and congregate around buildings. Damaging lawns, crops, gardens, creating fire hazards with nests, as well as fouling areas with their droppings are all consequences of bird activity. When birds congregate on in your home or business that is when it is time for bird control; an activity that is best left to professionals like Skedaddle.

Professional Bird Control Is Often The Only Way To Go As Many Birds Have Adaptable Diets


What is even more troublesome is that many species of birds purposefully change their diets over the course of the year. If one food source becomes particularly abundant, these birds change their eating habits to include more of that abundant and accessible food. Unfortunately, the opposite applies as well. If protein-rich diets like insects are unavailable to them for whatever reason, they will resort to carbohydrates like seeds during mating season. Removing birds from your home is often a necessity precisely because of their adaptability.

Accumulation of nesting material

This accumulation of nesting material was caused by sparrows nesting inside the vents on a roof. As the birds came and went from the nest it would drop into the attic and would be continually topped off.

What To Look Out For


Among various types of birds, there are several whose diet habits might pose a problem for you and your property:

  • House sparrow
  • Starling
  • Pigeon

House sparrows are known to be super effective in cleaning out bird feeders on properties. Their stout bill helps them feed on seed, which makes a significant part of their natural diet. It goes without saying that you need to remove any feeders you have on your property in order to avoid training these birds to get free meals. Otherwise, you will almost certainly need professional bird control services as sparrows will prefer nest near food source. Vulnerable areas include soffits and gutters. Sparrow droppings can permanently stain brick, siding and aluminum flashing.

Starlings were imported to North America at in the late 19th century. The birds have since flourished throughout their new continent and their aggressive nesting habits have displaced native birds, most notably the blue bird. They’re also known to be a hazard at airports where dense flocks can clog jet engines causing catastrophe. Around the house they like to make their home in vent openings for dyer, stove and bathroom fans clogging duct work and creating fire hazards.

A pigeon nest and their droppings inside a soffit cavity

A pigeon nest and their droppings inside a soffit cavity

Pigeons are commonly found in both urban and rural areas where they roost in large numbers on homes and buildings. When pigeons decide to roosting on a home or business their droppings can create the quite the mess. Pigeon droppings are very acidic and can leave behind permanent damage on brick, siding and stucco. There are many ways to deal with a pigeon problem, a wildlife removal expert will know the strategy that’s right for you.

When In Doubt, Get Professional Bird Removal Help


Removing temptation and free meals altogether is the best strategy to preserve your home and property from unwanted feathered visitors. However, if you do happen to encounter a problem with them, professional bird control services are the best way to go. Don’t hesitate to contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control; a company that has more than two decades of experience in humanely removing wildlife from people’s homes.

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