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Call Skedaddle This Winter To Check Your Home For Wildlife Entry Points

Considering the onset of winter, now is the perfect time to check your home for any wildlife entry points. It is especially important to do so now, even though you’d be wise to continuously prevent entry to various animals throughout the year. Winter is the time of year wild animals are looking to escape the cold, mate and nest. This is why it is essential to deny them access to places where they’re unwelcome; your attic and property. If they do manage to find a way in, however, you’ll likely need professional assistance such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

Plastic roof vents release warm attic air that attracts squirrels during winter

Plastic roof vents release warm attic air that attracts squirrels during winter

Why Is Wildlife Control & Prevention So Important?

The main reasons why wildlife belongs in the wild and not in people’s homes are:

  • They spread disease
  • They cause a lot of damage
  • They can you and your family up at night

For example, squirrels pose a fire hazard if they get into an attic as they can start eating away at electrical wiring in your walls and attic. Similarly, in order to gain access to the attic, raccoons will easily damage roof vents, shingles and soffits. Mice droppings are known to contain many diseases which can affect your family and pets. High repair costs, potential structural damage to your home and unattractive damage to your roof are all reasons to prevent wildlife from entering your property.

Red squirrels store food inside homes to help them survive winter

Red squirrels store food inside homes to help them survive winter

Humane Wildlife Control: The DIY Approach

When it comes to ways to deter undesirable wildlife from turning your home into their own there are a couple things you can do straight away:

  • Perform checks and exterior home repairs at regular intervals
  • Control wildlife sources of food

Sometimes busy lives means putting off repairs. However, one time it needs to be avoided is if you notice holes, cracks or rotting on your shed, garage, home, and especially your home’s soffits or siding. Perform regular checks of your property and fix any damage you find immediately. This is the most effective way to deter wildlife.

If your home or property serves as a food source for wildlife it will continue to draw in visitors of all kinds. Reducing wildlife food sources is key and that means squirrel-proofing any and all bird feeders, avoiding planting trees on your property that produce seeds or nuts, and keep garbage and compost secure. Ideally, your garbage and green bins should be stored in wildlife-proof containers in order to limit access and prevent situations that may cause the need for humane wildlife control.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control: The Professional Approach

If you don’t have the time or just want to make sure the job gets done well, it makes sense to contact a professional wildlife control company. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the obvious choice, as the company boasts nearly 30 years of experience in the field. The best thing about Skedaddle is that they use only humane wildlife removal methods. In addition to wildlife removal, the company also inspects homes and proofs them against wildlife entry. Thanks to experts and trained professionals, they offer a lifetime guarantee for their work. Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today and safeguard your home against unwanted visitors this winter.

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