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Check Your Lawn for Rabbit Nests Before you Mow!

When you become a homeowner, no matter where you live, you begin to notice signs of wildlife around your property. You might see squirrels or birds around your property, even rabbits. It is fun to watch nature come alive, especially when wildlife comes to visit. When it comes to rabbits, homeowners must be careful to avoid any baby rabbit nests. To the human eye, a rabbit nest can appear as a dry patch of grass. However, underneath are baby bunnies that aren’t yet mobile.

As a homeowner, you want to be proactive and check your yard before you mow. Look for dry patches of grass if you have seen bunnies in your yard in the past. These dry patches can be home to baby bunnies and you want to save them from the danger of your mower before you cut the grass. If you find a patch of dry grass you should lift the patch up gently by the sides to see if baby bunnies are underneath.


If you find that the patch of grass is home to babies, then you will need to cut your lawn around this area. Avoid the patch by about six feet of space. A weed eater can then be used to cut the grass that remains around the nest. If you have pets such as a dog and/or children, be sure to mark the area and monitor the nest. You want to leave the babies undisturbed so they can grow and move on to live in another area. Check back often to ensure the babies leave before you cut the area with your lawn mower.

Have fun with your new discovery. It’s not every day that you find baby bunnies are living in your yard! Wildlife control experts suggest that you take a plastic container and place it over the area where the babies are. Cut a hole in the container so the mom can visit her babies whenever she likes. This will help to mark the area and ensure that the babies are not disturbed. You want the bunnies to grow as they normally would in the wild. You will then have even more bunnies to enjoy in your neighbourhood as the babies grow up and breed themselves!

By learning what to look for in regards to baby bunny nests, you can help the bunny population to grow and thrive. It’s tragic when bunnies are not seen and they are hurt or even killed by a mower. Anytime you notice rabbits in your area, take a few minutes to check your yard so that no bunnies are harmed during your mowing. Rabbits will occasionally seek refuge under a deck or shed but are not known to live inside homes, walls or attics.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we can easily teach you how to look for rabbits in your yard. We take a proactive approach to animal conservation and offer only humane methods of removal for all creatures big and small including bats, mice, skunks, raccoons, squirrels and more. When you have an issue with rabbits or another creature in the home, contact our office for assistance.

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