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Cleaning Bat Droppings

Cleaning Bat Droppings

One of the unfortunate byproducts of having a bat infestation on your property are the droppings (guano) they leave behind. These bat droppings are tiny, black specks that will accumulate near the site of entry — often indicating a problem that might otherwise go unnoticed.

These droppings can be dangerous because they may carry a spore that, when disturbed and inhaled, can cause histoplasmosis — a respiratory illness that appears as constant flu-like symptoms, muscle pain, chest pains and shortness of breath. The illness can be potentially fatal if left untreated.

We do not advise homeowners clean-up of bat feces on their own. A professional with experience and proper training should always handle and discard wildlife droppings. Skedaddle Humane WIldlife Control technicians are trained to identify these situations and are more than happy to assist with cleanup.

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