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Clever Raccoons Finding New Food Sources

For some residents of Canada, raccoons are unfortunately a very real problem. So much so that some municipalities have begun to issue raccoon-proof green bins to citizens.  The City of Toronto is at the forefront of this effort and it is estimated that everyone should have a new bin by the end of 2017.

Raccoons can be a real problem for many residents, as they regularly come to raid people’s green bins outside in search of food scraps. This leaves a lot of mess to clean up and can serve as disincentive for people to compost. It is also a reason why people opt for a professional raccoon removal service.

Raccoons are omnivores and in urban areas discarded food scraps are a reliable food source.

Raccoons are omnivores and in urban areas discarded food scraps are a reliable food source.

Raccoons are attracted by the organic waste inside these bins, which is why they usually raid them at night to find food. The new bins are being rolled out throughout Toronto, in an attempt to ward off these rodents. They are meant to stop the masked critters from opening them, as they have a specific raccoon-proof design.

How these bins are designed

The new green bins are specifically designed to keep out raccoons, although some residents say that raccoons have already figured out a way to open them. These 100-litre bins are bigger than the current bins residents use, and they come with a locking lid and a latch. The lids are also designed in a way that allows collection vehicles to open them automatically but will keep raccoons out.

These bins seem to work very well in warding off raccoons and keeping them from sifting through your organic waste, thereby reducing conflicts in a city known for its large raccoon population.

Studies were also conducted to determine whether raccoons are still able to scavenge enough food, now that they cannot feed from bins like they used to. In fact, they are doing just fine and feed from other food sources such as bird feeders and unprotected garbage.

Raccoon paw prints on a public garbage receptacle

Raccoon paw prints on a public garbage receptacle

Removing food sources from your property is an excellent way to reduce raccoon activity around your home and help to keep their populations in check.

Raccoon Removal Services

Despite the effectiveness of Toronto’s new bins you may still struggle with a raccoon problem that requires professional raccoon removal services. Raccoons can often cause chaos, especially if they decide to take up residence inside your attic, garage or shed. Professional removal services may be just what you need to remove them from your property humanely and prevent their return.

Skedaddle specializes in professional raccoon removal services. We’ve been using humane methods that are safe and long-lasting since 1989. Contact us today to find out how we can help to remove raccoons from your property.

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