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Clever Raccoons Keep Trashing my Trash!

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find your outside garbage cans are tipped over and appear to be rummaged through? You clean up the mess and wonder what animal made the mess. You wake up again the next day to find the same problem. What’s going on? Most likely you have a raccoon or several raccoons in the area that are using your garbage as a food source. This is not good and can lead to major issues with raccoons in the future such as them using your shed, deck or even your attic as their own home! It is important to get a handle on the problem as soon as possible.

Raccoons got to this unprotected garbage before the collectors could and made quite the mess

Hide Trash Cans

If you are like most homeowners, you’d like to store your smelly garbage and compost as far away from your house possible. That’s why some people keep their garbage bags or cans outside. This can be a problem if you share your neighbourhood with raccoons. They can easily topple unsecured cans and rip and tear through garbage bags in search of discarded food. Consider storing your cans in the garage or shed in order to block the raccoon’s access. Over time, the creatures will move on to another food source.

Get New Metal Cans

If it’s not possible to store your garbage in a secure location then consider buying new garbage cans that raccoons cannot get into. Metal cans are a great choice as they are harder to open. Plastic cans can be chewed through or pried open. Don’t forget to firmly secure the garbage lids each time garbage is deposited.

Get the Timing Right

Many people prefer to put their garbage to the curb the night before pick up instead of first thing in the morning. It can be a hassle to getting garbage bags, compost and recycling bins to the street when you’re rushing to get out the door. Raccoons are nocturnal animals and do most of their foraging at night so the longer garbage sits out the better chance it has of being strewn around the street and lawn by raccoons.

Seek Expert Assistance

If you are still having trouble with raccoons after exhausting all efforts, consider seeking expert assistance. A wildlife technician will have the experience needed to discover why the raccoons are visiting your home and if they’re living on the property. Humane methods should be used to ensure the safety of the creature with raccoon removal. By working with wildlife technicians, you can devise a plan that will see the raccoons removed for good. You will no longer have to deal with messy garbage and easily be able to enjoy your home without fear that a raccoon is nearby!

To learn more about raccoon wildlife removal, contact the experts at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Technicians are on hand to assist with removing such creatures from your home and offering preventative measures in order to see that you do not have a raccoon problem in the future!

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