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Cold Weather is Around the Corner for Whitby; How to Protect Your Home from Mice

Whitby’s relief from the heat of summer with lower temperatures and cooler breezes is imminent! Of course, Fall is a beautiful season, a favourite of many, with a crisp coolness that seems to rejuvenate just about everything and everyone as the beautifully multicoloured leaves on the trees begin to fall. But it is also the season during which you don’t want to be dealing with mice inside your Whitby home.

Mice are known to chew their way through an object to gain entry. This becomes harder in cold weather.

Mice Seeking Refuge

As fall makes her appearance, temperatures begin to drop. Everyone will be seeking warmth, including the entire mice population. But no one wants to be their hosts right? And with good reason too. The smell of mice droppings along with urine is nothing pleasant, especially when you want to relax at home. Perhaps worse than the smell of urine and droppings is the damage to fixtures as the little rodents chew their way through almost everything. As if that weren’t enough, these little critters are often laden with numerous diseases; Leptospirosis and Hantavirus among others. Making their presence in any home more than just a nuisance, since some of these diseases could do serious harm if contracted by you, your family or your pets.

They will be so desperate for warmth when temperatures fall that they’ll squirm their way in through the tiniest cracks in walls and between doors. Some will even find their way into your HVAC system. And once they are in, they will find the most difficult-to-access nooks to make their nests.

The Tricks of Dealing With a Mice Infestation

Don’t wait until the little rodents are already safe on the inside. When mice settle into a home, it is very difficult to get them to leave, and they are very elusive little animals. That is why most DIY mice infestation solutions fail. Imagine being distracted from quality family or work time because you’ve got a rodent infestation this fall. Not a good picture right? This does not have to be your reality.

It is important to wildproof before cold weather hits and you may trap rodents inside your home.

What to Do?

Be proactive.  Get the experts at Skedaddle to come and put up your infestation defenses. Dealing with any kind of infestation during the cold season is very uncomfortable but mice are just a cut above the rest where this is concerned.

Nipping it in the Bud, or in this Case Before the Bud Forms

When it comes to full and effective humane animal control in Whitby, you can depend on the expert team at Skedaddle. We know the Whitby environment quite well and are familiar with the characteristics of the wildlife that reside in the region. This along with our expertise makes us the ideal team to tackle wildlife invasion of domestic spaces.

Our team will evaluate your environment to diagnose your rodent prevention needs and install barriers that will effectively keep the mice at bay. If you’re already dealing with an infestation, don’t worry. We’ll do the necessary checks, remove any invaders and then get to work installing protective devices.

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