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As the Colder Weather in Etobicoke Nears, Raccoons are Looking for Shelter

Etobicoke is in for some cooler weather as the winter season nears. While many of us look forward to this time of year, many animals do not. In fact, it is during this time that many seek shelter. This winter, Etobicoke’s wild animals will be seeking refuge from the cold and human residences are the perfect option. Well… perfect for the critters, not the humans.

Among the most common species looking to enter your home is the racoon. The cooler temperatures of fall and winter coincide with the raccoons nesting period. These pesky animals are known to settle in once they’ve found a suitable den for the cold season. Don’t be surprised if a raccoon chooses your home for their winter residence.

While rare, raccoons will find shelter to bread in late spring.

These rodents are notorious for their love affair with garbage cans. For raccoons, garbage stored outside (or anywhere for that matter) is particularly attractive. As they forage for food they will damage and overturn everything, creating a big mess. Homeowners then experience the annoyance of not just waking up to an eyesore every day but also the task of cleaning up the mess.

How Do You Know You’ve Got a Raccoon Problem?

Here are the most obvious signs of raccoon presence on your property:

  • You wake up to overturned scattered garbage every day
  • Footprints in the snow on your roof or in the vicinity of your garbage cans
  • Scurrying and thumping sounds coming from the roof and inside the walls, especially at night.
  • Structural damage (raccoons tend to scratch and gnaw at small breaches, effectively making them large enough to fit their bodies through)
  • Raccoon fur inside or outside the home

Before an Infestation Occurs

The preferred way to deal with raccoons is to prevent an infestation in the first place. Raccoons are very destructive, and they will damage your building and its fixtures costing you lost of money in repairs.

While rare, raccoons will find shelter to bread in late spring.

Instead of waiting for the problem to get out of hand, Etobicoke property owners should invest in infestation prevention services such as those provided by Skedaddle. Our wildlife technicians will design and install barriers and other protective features that will prevent raccoons from making their way onto your property or into your home.

After the Infestation

If the raccoons have already established dens on your premises, do not attempt to remove them yourself. This can be very dangerous as raccoons are territorial and will become aggressive when approached. They may even scratch and bite. Additionally, wild animals like raccoons are carriers for diseases like rabies. You don’t want to be scratched or bitten by a disease-ridden raccoon. At this point it is time to call in the big guns, and contact the wildlife removal experts at Skedaddle.

For a raccoon removal service that is both humane and effective, you need a team like Skedaddle. For thorough and effective raccoon removal, Etobicoke property owners can rely on Skedaddle’s comprehensive humane animal control services.

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