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Control Rabid Raccoons This Spring

Wildlife wakes up and increases activity in the spring as warmer temperatures make it more bearable to venture outdoors and forage for food. Among the most troublesome critters for Canadian homeowners are raccoons. Because they are extremely intelligent and can adapt incredibly easily, homeowners throughout Canada are plagued by raccoon infestations every spring. However, a particular reason why preventing and controlling raccoon infestation in the spring is important is because raccoons can carry rabies, which is a disease that all mammals can contract (including both pets and humans). Raccoon control services are essential because of this.

The Problem With Rabid Raccoons


The fact that raccoons are carriers of rabies is not new. However, certain studies reveal that the majority of rabid raccoons are reported during the fall, winter, and spring. This suggests a relationship between raccoon behavioral activities such as breeding and denning and typical outbreaks of rabies.

A mother raccoon and her babies inside an attic

Spring is a crucial time of year for raccoons as it represents the period in which female raccoons give birth. Momma raccoons are already more aggressive during this time of year because they are protective of their young. When you add to that the fact that they could very likely be rabid as well, you understand that their aggression levels could easily result in even unprovoked attacks against yourself and your family. That is why raccoon infestations throughout Canada in the spring are so troublesome and require professional raccoon control services.

Surely I Can Get Rid Of The Raccoons On My Own?


You might be thinking that you possess enough common sense and knowledge about raccoons to be able to remove a raccoon family with babies from your home or property. However, a crucial part of the equation that you are probably lacking is professional training and experience. You could easily get injured, scratched and even bitten by a rabid, over-protective momma raccoon. In addition to potentially contracting rabies, this creates further complications for the removal process. In order to avoid the risk of hurting yourself or the animals, it is best to seek out professional services in raccoon control.

The Best Raccoon Control Company Out There: Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control


A group of juvenile raccoons hiding below a soffit

The reason why your best choice is to contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for springtime raccoon removal simple. Skedaddle has the tools, methods, experience, and knowledge about rabid raccoons to safely and effectively solve the infestation. Skedaddle has been in the pest and wildlife removal business for almost three decades and has successfully helped thousands of home and business owners in that time. Rest assured that Skedaddle will not only remove the rabid raccoons but will perform additional services for your home, such as:

● Cleaning
● Clearing
● Sanitizing
● Future-proofing your home against any and all re-entries

Call Skedaddle today and save yourself the trouble of being at risk from rabid raccoons.

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