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Control Urban Raccoon Population In Easy Steps

These days, more people are looking for a beautiful and thriving community in which to live. The same can also be said of raccoons that thrive in urban environments due to high concentrations of food and shelter. Raccoons can be highly problematic for homeowners especially since they are highly intelligent, adaptable and can solve pretty much any predicament they’re faced with. If you’ve noticed signs of these masked furballs in or around your home or property, remember that the best way to get rid of them is to call for professional animal control.

Know Your Raccoons

The fact that they are incredibly intelligent is the single greatest advantage raccoons have over other wildlife pests. For that reason, it is important to know a bit about their capabilities and behavioural patterns if you’re adamant about performing DIY raccoon control. Keep in mind that professional help is always the recommended option when dealing with these critters.

  • Many homeowners assume that a new roof automatically means it is raccoon-proof. This is not the case, as these critters will create an opening to get inside very easily if they set their minds to it. Even brand new roofs are made using materials that raccoons can damage, including aluminum soffits, vinyl siding and plastic vent covers.
  • Raccoons are excellent climbers. This allows them to reach your roof by means of downspouts, after which they can break into vents or soffits that haven’t been reinforced for prevention.
  • Why do they love your roof? Raccoons are always on the hunt for a cozy and comfortable place to call home. Your attic is an ideal den site for raccoons as well as other urban wildlife species like bats. squirrels, mice and birds.

Raccoons can easily damage aluminum soffits, especially when they’re able to use the roof below for leverage.

Properly Identifying A Raccoon Infestation

An animal control specialist should be your solution of choice if you discover a raccoon infestation in your home or property. But before you pick up the phone, you should be aware that there are some fairly easy and simple ways you can determine whether or not you’re under invasion. Signs that you have raccoons living on your property include:

  • Hearing movement and noise inside your attic during night time
  • Finding damage caused by the critters, such as damaged soffit panels, insulation or shingles
  • Actually spotting a raccoon going inside your home through an entry hole

This ridge vent has been torn open by raccoons to get into the attic below.

Need Professional Help With Raccoon Removal? Get In Touch With Skedaddle

Raccoons may look cute and cuddly but can also become aggressive, especially if they are protecting their young. Removing them needs to be done humanely nevertheless, which is why opting to have a professional animal control specialist do the job is the best solution. If you are looking for such a professional, look no further than Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle has nearly 30 years of experience in humane wildlife control and has helped more than 200,000 homeowners be free from invasions to date. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and ensure your home is raccoon-free for good.

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