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Wildlife Control Services: Controlling Bird Populations in a Safe and Humane Way

Bruce Di Labio of the Ottawa Citizen recently reported that the rising water levels in the Ottawa River have caused shorebirds of various species to foray inland in search of more ideal feeding habitats. These included egrets, cranes, herons, and bitterns. Di Labio mentioned that these shorebirds were also spotted elsewhere, along the shallow-watered Carp River.

Shorebirds are generally found along sandy or rocky shorelines beside shallow bodies of water. While these animals generally do not inhabit highly urbanized areas, there’s no telling when an altered ecology might cause them to encroach on people’s homes and yards. In such cases, residents should not panic, nor harm these creatures, but promptly call on reputable wildlife control experts for the safe and ethical removal of these shorebirds.

Di Labio emphasizes the point that while rising water levels are the primary reason behind the shorebirds’ sudden inland excursion, Ottawa birders can anticipate increased bird activity in line with the fall breeding and migration season. Residents may thus observe swallows flocking toward hydro and fence lines as these birds prepare for their southward journey. In the event that these transient migrants cause a nuisance in homes, locals are entreated not to resort to drastic measures but rather turn to wildlife removal specialists who can thoroughly assess the situation and remove the creatures safely.

At one point, a tiny owl was even seen settling on top of a ship’s rigging as it set sail from Toronto to Kingston; the owl was soon discovered to be lost as it struggled to find a suitable roost. Similarly, other birds en route to their respective destinations may find themselves in sudden need of temporary shelter, and may insinuate themselves in residential roofing systems, thereby causing unintentional damage. A barn owl, for instance, possesses claws and talons powerful enough to damage shingles or poke holes through them, thereby enabling the formation of leaks. If you are concerned with an unwelcome bird infestation in your home, you may want to tap the services of companies like Skedaddle Wildlife Control for effective and humane wildlife control in Ottawa.

Birds like sparrows and starlings, while seemingly harmless, can find their way into your home’s pipes or other openings. The School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences in Alabama suggests that one way to exclude birds from one’s home is to control the mouse population since some of the larger birds are known to feed on mice. Wildlife removal specialists can deal with such critters and thus hit two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Birds in dire need of lodging can easily tear through your home’s walls and siding, causing structural damage in the process. With the mating and migration season kicking into high gear, Ottawa locals will soon need to put in place wildlife control measures with help from the experts to deal with this wildlife encroachment, minimize damage to their homes, and avoid harming the local and transient bird population.

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