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Controlling The Common Rodents In The Winter Too!

Winter is certainly the least favourite season for many animals both in the wilderness and in urban city areas. As the temperatures drop, many of them will typically go to great lengths in order to find shelter and food sources. In doing so, they will crawl through the tiniest of holes and chew through the hardest and densest of materials. In many such cases, homeowners are in need of rodent control services. Since many of these animals are highly resourceful, it pays to be aware of who the top property invaders typically are:

  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Mice

Getting Rid Of Skunks Is Tricky

Skunks typically create dens by using burrows made by other animals. However, during warmer weather, they tend to den below structures. Likely places to find them in such situations include under additions, sheds, decks, stoops, and porches. During winter, removing them might prove especially difficult because they spend prolonged periods inactive inside their dens. That is why professional rodent control experts focus on trying to remove them before the ground freezes during winter.

Rodents like squirrels often rely on bird feeders to help them survive winter

Rodents like squirrels often rely on bird feeders to help them survive winter

Squirrels Require Professional Rodent Control Services

Squirrels are most numerous in fall and winter. Because they begin mating in February, they have their babies in spring and summer. What makes them especially troublesome for many homeowners throughout Canada is the fact that they can cause lots of damage. A family or group of several squirrels only take a short time to chew through building materials and destroy insulation, thereby causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Squirrel tracks coming and going from the edge of this roof give it away as an entry point into the house

Squirrel tracks coming and going from the edge of this roof give it away as an entry point into the house

Raccoons Are Typically The Most Troublesome

Like squirrels, raccoons begin mating in January and February and that means they need a warm place to spend the winter and mate. They are extremely intelligent and resourceful, which is why they are among the most troublesome creatures for many homeowners. In almost all instances they are reason enough for homeowners to require wildlife control services. They are particularly dangerous for humans as they are mammals that can sometimes carry rabies. That is why removing them from your property is a job best left to professional wildlife control experts.

Mice Are Not Only A Nuisance, But They’re Also A Health Hazard

Mice are also highly resourceful furry critters that are looking to get out of the cold. A particularly challenging aspect of having a mice infestation is the fact that they tend to store food to survive winter. That’s why garages, basements and attics and similar areas of your property that are hidden from view can be used to hide food caches. Mice can fit through holes the size of a dime, which is what makes it so hard to identify how they are able to enter homes. Because their droppings can carry a number of diseases transferable to humans, their removal should be carried out by rodent control professionals.

Removing wildlife from your home is always simple or easy. There can be unexpected complications if you need to work at heights to repair damage, climb around inside your attic or handle wildlife babies. Tackling the problem on your own could lead to further damage to your home or injury to yourself. Instead, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control and let professionals handle it quickly, safely, humanely and with a 100% guarantee.

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