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Coyotes in Oakville

There can be lots of coyotes in your area. You might not even know. They’re nocturnal. Do most their activity at night. The only time coyotes come close to humans is if they’re looking for food.

What brings coyotes to your neighbourhood?

Urban coyotes are not rare in Oakville. Just like many other wildlife species, coyotes have adjusted to expanding human populations and development. Food sources are the main reason coyotes come to residential areas. Coyotes are omnivores that prey on small rodents and mammals that are common in urban and suburban areas. Rabbits, mice and insects are the main dinners for coyotes. All these species are rampant in your neighbourhood.

Coyotes are attracted to birdfeeders in your yard as they tend to attract small mammal prey. Bird seed and vegetable gardens are hotspots for urban wildlife. Coyotes are attracted to areas where small mammals are likely to be found in high concentrations. It’s easy to find a meal. The cover of night makes coyotes difficult to spot. You probably have more dens and wild coyotes in your area than you think.

In some cases people will intentionally feed coyotes, a situation that should be avoided as it can create dependency and a loss of natural fear of humans.


Piles of bird seed attract mice, rats and squirrels which are staple of the coyote diet.

When to feel threatened

It’s very rare for coyotes to threaten humans. They’re quite scary because they’re large mammals that can over power humans and they may come close to residents during dog walks. Never leave pets outside unattended.

Spotting a coyote in your neighbourhood doesn’t mean you have a panic. They usually avoid humans. That said, frequent coyote sighting in your yard can be a cause concern. It’s best to leave them on their own and discover what might be attracting them. Remove food sources like garbage and pet food and look out for potential den sites.

Coyotes are known to build dens under decks and other places found on residential property. Urban coyotes have become very adaptable and build homes that are hard to find. If you suspect a coyote den on your property make sure to contact wildlife professionals.

How to control coyote populations in residential areas

It’s difficult to remove entire populations. But, working together as a community you can reduce local coyote populations. Safe hazing from multiple households can scare coyotes away. It’s important not to get too close.

To keep coyotes away try:

  • Making loud sounds.
  • Spraying them with a hose.
  • Throwing sticks near them.
  • Waving a rake.
  • Shining reflective objects.

Oakville wildlife control

Unfortunately coyotes are here to stay in Oakville. Fortunately there are steps you can take to keep them away from your pets and home. It’s best to avoid contact with coyotes and let them co-exist with us at a safe distance.

If you find wildlife problems on your property contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Call today 1-888-592-0387.


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