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The Dangers of Squirrels Living in the Attic

There are many reasons why you would prefer to have squirrels on the outside of your home rather than the inside. Two major ones are the financial and health consequences they pose to the home and residents. And while you have a negative reaction when these animals get into your home, your best option for a solution is expert humane squirrel removal services.

Squirrels in Your Attic

When squirrels enter your home, they tend to head for your attic. This is because the attic provides them with a secluded haven and the needed warmth to keep them comfortable. But in getting comfortable, the furry foragers inflict so much damage over time that your repair bill might soar through the roof. In fact, wildlife experts agree that when it comes to wildlife invaders of human dwellings, squirrels have the most significant negative impact.

What squirrels do in your roof is pretty much what they would do in their natural habitat. They keep their constantly growing front teeth sharp and in check by chewing on anything that they can find.  When they chew on electrical wiring, as they sometimes do, your home is at risk of fire. In fact, many house fires that take place in Canada are the result of squirrels chewing on electrical wires.

They rip insulation apart to create their nests. They release droppings and urine as they would in the wild. Over time, the biological waste, coupled with the rot from the damaged wood and insulation results in an unbearable musty odour that permeates the atmosphere in your home. Liquid damage can sometimes seep through to create ugly discoloration patterns on your ceiling.

Water may start to seep into your home after squirrels chew on the exterior parts. This water damage can be quite costly to repair. The only way to keep this and other types of damage to a minimum is to tackle the squirrel invasion promptly as it only takes a few weeks for squirrel damage to cost thousands of dollars.

Handling a Squirrel Invasion

When you suspect that you are dealing with a squirrel invasion, your best option is to get expert help. Expert wildlife teams like the ones at Skedaddle are able to use safe and humane methods to remove squirrels from your home.

After a thorough inspection during which we identify the location of the squirrel dens in the attic as well as the extent of the invasion, wildlife technicians get to work. If no baby squirrels are present, we will employ specialized tactics motivate the squirrel to leave your attic. We may also install one-way doors at the existing access points to ensure that when squirrels leave (as they are bound to do from time to time) they cannot return.

If squirrel babies are involved then the technician will find creative and safe ways to lure the mother away after which they will carefully remove the babies and place them in a box designed to keep them safe and warm. Material from the den may be placed inside the box to keep the new space familiar. The box is then placed as close as possible to the access point so that when the mother returns she will find her babies. As is her nature, the mother squirrel will then relocate her babies to another den.

Once all squirrels are out of the building, wildlife technicians may use special deodorizers in the attic to keep squirrels from returning in the future. The deodorizer will basically act like a squirrel deodorizers. Wildlife technicians may also share some tips with you that will help you to keep squirrels away from your home.

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