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The Importance of Deodorizing and Cleaning up after a Wildlife Infestation

When your house and attic have been invaded by wildlife, capturing and removing the animals are simply the first parts of what you need to do to repossess your home from them.
Often times the animal will have left behind feces and urine, leaving the insulation contaminated with dangerous viruses and parasites. The urine and fecal matter will need to be removed. If not, it can attract other animals or insect like cockroaches, or even start to grow toxic mold, not to mention the strong odor that will emanate!


This cleanup process should be left to a professional Wildlife Control company, who has the proper education and equipment to clean up the mess without being exposed to harmful bacteria.

You also do not want the animal waste in your attic to attract all new shelter-seeking rodents and other species in the neighborhood. Animals generally leave their scent in any space that they have occupied. These are pheromones that other animals can perceive and follow as they search for shelter and food. This is why your wild animal removal exercise must essentially be followed by a thorough attic cleaning and restoration.
As part of the cleanup process, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control technicians will deodorize your attic and the entry area to eliminate the scent that the animals have left behind. Raccoons communicate with one another through smell and deodorizing prevents the other 15 to 20 raccoons in the neighborhood from being attracted to your home.


A properly secured entry point will prevent other animals from getting inside. Deodorizing and cleaning up den sites reduces scent cues, and avoids attracting other species to your roof.

If you have had animals in your attic, in your shed, or under your porch, leave the cleanup to the professionals!

Employing the industry’s leading techniques and equipment, like powerful trade vacuums and advanced breathing equipment, our equipped technicians make it priority to clear contaminated materials from your home and return it to a healthy, livable state.

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