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Rat on side of a wall

Bowmanville Animal Control: Disturbing Rat Problems Need to be Addressed


Rats have been companions (albeit uninvited and unwanted) of human beings for centuries. And their presence has always carried negative implications… with good reason of course. Who can forget the infamous Bubonic Plague, a rat related ailment that nearly wiped out Europe’s human population? Interestingly, even though rats have plagued mankind for so long, they are rarely studied. One group of scientists are on a mission to change this, starting with their own example. They have conducted a study on the rodents and have made some startling and important discoveries.  Armed with this knowledge, animal control teams in Bowmanville and their clients can take a more strategic approach towards rodent control and elimination.

A Little about Rats

Rats are survivors. They have survived extermination attempts across the globe and have travelled across continents successfully even in situations that proved fatal to human beings and other animals. They have truly earned their title as resilient rodents because so far, they have resisted and survived all attempts, deliberate and otherwise, to eliminate them.

The urban rat stands out above its counterparts as a super survivor. This rat has learned to live in an environment that is altered for human purposes. They are adept at navigating built-up environments and they feast on pretty much anything that people discard.

Toronto, like many other modern and historical cities, has its fair share of rat problems. They have been multiplying rapidly, and are often seen scurrying the cities streets, despite the city’s best efforts to control them. They make their way into homes, businesses, and even offices.

The Vancouver Rat Project

The Vancouver Rat Project has started the journey towards a more intimate knowledge of rats with the purpose of discovering just how to contain and curb the world’s rat infestation problem. The study focused on the pathogens carried transmitted by rats, specifically how the rats acquired these pathogens and what happens to them afterward.

The study revealed that rats pick up pathogens in a manner that is comparable to how sponges operate. This means that most of the pathogens a rat comes into contact with in sewers, garbage disposal sites and other areas, somehow latch onto the rodent’s body. Each rat functions as a collector of numerous disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Since a rat is a sort of pathogen magnet, this rodent is an effective disease carrier, a trait which makes the rat the most undesirable intruder to face in human-occupied spaces.

Perhaps the most important finding of the study is that extermination of some rats triggers a release of the pathogens being carried by the animals. This means that inhumane rat removal methods like extermination are dangerous to those in the area. Imagine how many pathogens are sent floating into the atmosphere at each extermination exercise. This indicates why it is important for animal control companies to use humane methods.

The research also explored the reason behind the rat’s ability to survive. It found that the ability to adapt is the key to these rodents’ top-notch survival skills. Rats have adjusted their eating and living habits to meet the changes that human beings have inflicted upon the environment. And it is this very adaptable nature of rats that makes it very difficult to control them.

Facing a Rat Problem? Get Some Expert Assistance

If you struggle with rat related issues, you need the expert humane animal control teams in Bowmanville to help you. Trained and experienced wildlife technicians will use safe methods to lure and remove rats from your premises. They will also install exclusion devices to prevent re-entry and offer you tips on how to minimize and eliminate the attractants that often lead rats into your home.

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