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Does insurance cover mouse infestation?

Many insurance policies have sections written that expressly exclude pest infestation coverage. It’s very specific. Mouse problems are so common that insurance companies would forever be forking out money for slight rodent issues. That’s not something they’re keen to do.

You’re not insured for damage and removal

Generally, mouse or rodent infestation is considered part of home maintenance. So, most basic insurance plans don’t cover the removal or repair of rodent or mouse infestation. Humane wildlife removal can be costly, but it’s up to the homeowner to pay the bill as it relates to maintaining your home.

Mice problems can be prevented by regular inspection and maintenance of your home’s exterior. Sealing entry points can stop mice from getting in. Repairs to chewed wiring, insulation damage and cleanup of mouse droppings are also left up to the homeowner. Major structural damage can be caused by larger infestations. Mouse activity can reduce the effectiveness of attic insulation which can lead to mold and increased energy bills. All the expenses incurred fixing these problems are not insured by regular plans.

However, you could be insured for destruction as result of damage

There are times destruction created by pests can cause further damage such as fire or flood. These sorts of problems can be covered by certain insurance policies. Fire and flood coverage remains regardless of how these concerns are started. The circumstance becomes removed from the rodent infestation. If a mouse chews through electrical wires eventually causing an attic fire then your policy kicks in to cover for the blaze. But, the replacement of the wires, with no resulting fire, isn’t insured.

Gradual damage isn’t covered, but unexpected damage is. A mouse problem is considered to be a gradual issue. It takes time for it to become a huge concern. Also, it’s preventable by regular maintenance. Anything stoppable by prior repairs isn’t something covered by insurance. This is where things get tricky. But, it’s recommended to reach out to your insurance provider to learn exactly where you’re covered when it comes to rodent control.

Potential pest damage

  • Chewing on anything for nesting materials.
  • Gnawing and burrowing into walls and furniture.
  • Tunnelling through insulation to make a nest or gather materials.
  • Chewing on wires with a threat of fire.
  • Gathering dry materials around electrical appliances.
  • Cause structural damage to any home.
  • Chewing on plastic plumbing lines.

Ottawa mouse removal service.

Mouse infestations can get out of control very quickly. It’s best to control any issues as soon as possible. You’re not insured and it could get expensive.

Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for safe and effective mouse removal service. 1-888-592-0387.

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