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Does mouse repellent spray work?

The first thing we do when discovering a mouse is trot down to the hardware store to find the latest and greatest mouse repellent. There’s lots of different brands all promising the same thing. A few sprays and your infestation will be gone. But, sometimes it’s not that easy.

There’s no regulation on commercial pest repellents

Although they’re packaged and branded by names we know and love there’s nothing outlining the effectiveness of sprays. Companies do not have to prove it works before taking it to market. So, a lot of the time products say they’re guaranteed to work, but don’t do much other than release a strange odour. Also, there are no laws as to what they can put into the spray.


Mouse activity below a bathroom sink.

Sprays have never been proven to work

There’s no scientific evidence that any mouse repellent works. There’s no studies on the subject. Nothing. Next time you are at the hardware store remember there’s nothing in place to guarantee that they will remove a mouse infestation.

Mice can get used to the spray or avoid it all together

Repellent sprays are only short-term solutions to long-term problems. Sure the spray might daze or confuse the mouse. Poisons might kill one or two. But, there could be dozens in any infestation. Also, mice are smarter than you think. They’ll figure out ways to avoid the sprayed area. And after a while they’ll even become immune to it. Although you might see an immediate effect, there’s absolutely no solution to where the problem could end up in the future.

Mouse prevention tips

  • Seal all points of entry.
  • Remove food sources.
  • Keep a clean living area.
  • Find sealable containers for loose food items.
  • Remove clutter from the dustiest corners.
  • Call a professional.

A mouse entry point where the soffit meets the brick.

Guelph mice removal

So, you’ve sprayed and sprayed with little to no results. Every day the infestation could be growing and growing. The only proven method for mouse control is to take steps to properly prevent them from entering your home.

If they still find a way in then call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Our experts are trained in identifying the smallest and most tucked away mouse entry points. Mice can enter any hole down to the size of a dime so experience counts.

We’ll get rid of any mice, nests and damage so call us today to see what we can do for you! 1-888-592-0387


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