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Don’t call 911 if Raccoon Removal is Needed: Here’s Why?


For many people, raccoons trigger panic and fear. This leads them to call the people they typically expect to protect them from danger, the police. However, this creates a problem for police departments around the world. In particular, Ontario’s Provincial Police have appealed for the practice to stop after noting that many departments have been overwhelmed by such calls. This appeal from the police reiterates the need for residents to use expert wildlife teams for raccoon removal from their Durham properties.

Why Law Enforcement Officials are Not the Best Team for Raccoon Removal


Police officers are trained to handle situations involving human conflicts and situations that pose a threat to human safety. But they are neither trained nor equipped to handle raccoon intrusions. Specially designed holding containers are required to temporary house raccoons that are removed from properties until they can be relocated.  Police officers are not provided with these and other items such as the protective gear that is required to keep people safe while handling wildlife animals. Our police officers are therefore not equipped to remove a raccoon from a home.

In some cases, by the time the officers arrive on the scene, the offending animal has long disappeared as was the case with one caller who reported a seemingly rabid raccoon in Norfolk County. In cases like these, the officers would have wasted valuable time and resources chasing the proverbial wild goose.

How Raccoon 911  Calls Burden the Country’s Law Enforcement Resources


Since raccoon intrusions are so frequent in Durham, if each resident calls in the intrusion to the emergency services, it causes a drain on the resources which may become so occupied by raccoon related calls that other more pressing emergencies go unaddressed.  This is essentially a waste of resources that are intended for other purposes. Imagine how frustrated the city’s police departments must feel when they are unable to carry out their official duties due to numerous wildlife-related calls!

If you are seeking a speedy and effective resolution to your raccoon problem, you should look to expert humane wildlife control service providers. They specialize in removal, prevention, and relocation through methods that are safe to both human and animal residents of the region. Humane wildlife removal strategies avoid the use of harmful chemicals and dangerous contraptions such as traps. This results in removal procedures that are usually gentle and entail minimal risk.

How Expert Intervention Can help Avert A Raccoon Related Crisis


Wildlife control services are able to help with raccoon removal from your Durham property. Skedaddle, an exceptional humane and professional wildlife control services provider is one such team. Their wildlife technicians are trained to understand, predict and anticipate raccoon behaviour and respond appropriately. Their services include an evaluation of the situation followed by removal and relocation of the raccoon. This is followed by their clear, clean, protect and prevent services. The last two services are offered based on the needs determined by the technicians during the inspection. No matter what wildlife situation you are facing Skedaddle can help!

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