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Effective Mice Removal For Your Houston Home

Hurricane Harvey has had many negative consequences for Houston residents, but there were also a few unexpected ones. Among these, an explosion in rodent activity in the Houston area was particularly noticeable. According to research, rodent activity and populations following Hurricane Harvey have grown to a level they have not even been close to in the last three and a half decades. But following Harvey, Houston homeowners’ attics have been brimming with rodent activity, which means that rat and mice removal services in Houston have become a top priority.

Mice 101

Mice and other rodents can cause huge amounts of damage despite their small size. Examples include chewing up clothes, paper, insulation and pretty much anything else they can sink their teeth in so they can get the materials required to build nests. One of the biggest problems about mice and other rodents is the fact that you will typically see a lot of mouse damage before you actually spot the mouse itself. This is because these animals can travel under floorboards, inside walls and in other places around your home that are difficult to access.

Skedaddle uses a 50 point home inspection to identify possible entry points.

How Can I Be Sure I Have a Mouse Infestation?

There are several very simple and easy ways you can use to determine whether your residence is currently under attack by mice and other rodents. Some of the most obvious tell-tale signs include:

  • Chewed food packages
  • Smelly rodent urine
  • Rodent droppings
  • Scratching noises

Chewed Food Packages

Finding food is actually one of the main reasons why mice and rats come into homes. Rodents tend to find many types of dry food like grains or cereals very attractive. In fact, rodents are particularly fond of packages of cheese and macaroni. As a result, gaining quick access to these tasty meals is best done by chewing on cardboard boxes in which these foods are typically stored. That is why finding chewed up packages of dried food in your pantry or cupboard is a clear sign you’ve got a mice invasion on your hands.

Smelly Rodent Urine

There is a tangy, musty and very unpleasantly distinct odor to rodent urine. Believe it or not, this odor can be overpowering if there is a significant number of rodents around – so overpowering, in fact, that it can even cause a choking sensation if you are trying to clean it from a confined space. That is why discovering an unpleasant smell in your attic or other parts of your residence is a sure sign that it is time to get in touch with a wildlife control specialist.

Rodent Droppings

One of the most amazing facts when it comes to mice and other rodents is that they are able to produce incredible amounts of waste when compared to their tiny size. Resembling small, black pellets, rodent droppings can be found pretty much anywhere where these critters move around in your home, and particularly where they feed. That is why finding these lying in your cupboard or kitchen floor is a clear indication that there are mice wandering around your residence.

Scratching Noises

One of the most common indicators that you have mice and other rodents in your home is hearing scratching noises coming from your ceilings, walls or under your floors. Despite being able to move very easily through even the tiniest of gaps and tight spaces, the small claws located on their feet make distinctive scratching noises as mice claw their way across drywall or wood. So, if you’re hearing such noises, it’s time to get in touch with an expert wildlife control professional.

Searching for an Expert Wildlife Control Professional? Get in Touch with Skedaddle

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is your best choice if you’re in the market for a mice removal specialist in Houston. Skedaddle has been in business for almost three decades and has pioneered a number of humane wildlife removal methods and techniques during that time. To date, we have successfully come to the aid of more than 200,000 homeowners. Aside from removal and exclusion techniques, Skedaddle also provides sanitization and future-proofing services against wildlife re-entry. Simply put, Skedaddle is the choice if you’re having mice and rodent problems in your home, so get in touch with us today and ensure the health and safety of your family.

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