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Effective Rodent Control Service to Contain Squirrel Population and Prevent Damage to Homes

Last year, Tom Oder wrote an article for Mother Nature Network (MNN) citing residents’ concerns over the apparently increasing squirrel population. This is an issue faced by homeowners living in several areas in the eastern United States and in several regions in Canada as well. While much has been written about the health dangers these furry creatures pose, not a lot has been written about the possible damage they cause when they gain entry to a home.

The most common entry point for squirrels is the attic. Once squirrels have made one’s home their home, the results can turn ugly as they normally produce at least two to eight offspring in each litter. However, in those cases when a homeowner suspects that there are several families of squirrels who’ve already settled in quite nicely, it’s best to call on a reliable rodent control service before things turn for the worse.

A homeowner must exert effort for things not to escalate, so if he already suspects that squirrels are roaming the property, it’s good to have the house inspected for gaps and have repairs done as necessary. It’s said that a hole that is no bigger than a fist is still a possible entry point for squirrels because they know how to squeeze themselves in. Using an environment-friendly but effective squirrel repellent can work too.

Squirrels are persistent creatures, however, and they will do all they can to find an entry point. In doing so, they can damage several home components, including siding, fascia boards, chimney flashing, and even exhaust fans. Having all of these components repaired can set back any homeowner a huge deal, so any early sign of squirrel infestation must be turned over to reliable animal control services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

Oder wrote that once squirrels manage to get inside a home, it’s possible for them to get the urge to chew on electrical wires. This constitutes a fire hazard, endangering the lives of the occupants. For homeowners to avoid this gruesome scenario, they need professional animal control services.

While squirrels may seem non-threatening at first glance, the reality is they can do much damage to a home. Concerned homeowners can still do something to nip the problem in the bud by ensuring their home doesn’t have any gaps or breaches. However, if squirrels already found a way to get in, it’s best to rely on effective but humane wildlife control companies.

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