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Stop Feeding the Pigeons! Effective Tips to Bird Control

Feeding birds at the park or in your backyard is a common past time.


It can be fun to leave out bird feeders and watch the lovely creatures fly around and enjoy a good meal. However, some birds can be pests pests and should not be fed in order to avoid unintended consequences around your home or business.

If you live in an apartment complex or have a business in a larger commercial building, then you know firsthand how annoying birds such as pigeons can be. When pigeons congregate on a ledge, sign or balcony they can cause property damage and create unsanitary conditions. Learn why feeding the pigeons is a big no-no and how bird control can be utilized to remove such pesky creatures below.

Pigeons can severely damage the looks and appearance of your business with their droppings

Feeding pigeons is a common cause to bird and pigeon problems. When you have individuals feeding pigeons on a regular basis, the birds come back time and time again. When garbage is not collected on time or the disposal area is in shambles, then pigeons have a source of food. Pigeons are clever urban animals and will make their home near sources of food. Well fed pigeons means higher pigeon populations.

Pigeons like to stay out all day long and when they are not picking through garbage they will perch on the balcony or rooftop of buildings. They leave behind feces and urine on your apartment building or business that is both unattractive and smelly.

During the nighttime hours, the birds will go back to their nesting spots or roosting areas which are most likely recessed window sills or below overhangs on structures. Pigeons are unable to see well during the nighttime hours so they will hide out in their nests and protect themselves from the elements. You may find that pigeons have set up their home on your apartment balcony as well as all the balconies of your neighbours.

Bird droppings can quickly accumulate and make a mess of your property

To help reduce pigeon populations, reduce the availability of food and water outside of your dwelling. In an apartment complex, everyone will need to work together to stop intentional feeding of the pigeons as well as ensuring garbage is properly secured, and that standing and dripping water is reduced.

When the problem becomes too great, the need for bird control arises. You can ask your landlord, property management company or condo board to hire bird control services to see the birds removed in a humane manner. Explain how the birds are a nuisance and try to show the landlord how the pigeons are negatively affecting the property.

Once wildlife technicians arrive, the experts can assess the pigeon problem. In most cases, the humane method of removal includes the birds as well as nesting materials. The nests will need to be inspected to ensure there are no babies present. With proper removal techniques used, you will find your apartment complex is free of pigeons once and for all and you no longer have to worry about such creatures disturbing your outdoor space.

Depending on the scenario, a number of different strategies can be used to prevent pigeons from re-establishing themselves. Your bird control specialist will be able to develop a customized plan based on the physical layout of the property.

For help with pigeon and other pest problems, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Our expert team of professionals can easily assist in removing birds, mice, raccoons and more from your property. Call our office today for more information.

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