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Etobicoke Animal Control: Proper Clean Up Tips


Wildlife living in your Etobicoke home can cause extensive damage to your possessions and property, and even pose a health risk to you and your family. Unfortunately, simply removing the offenders is only half the job. Once the unwanted houseguests have been removed from your home, you still need to clean up their mess. The size of the clean-up job all depends on the length of their stay – an adult mouse can produce 50-75 droppings a day! Any animal control technician will tell you, the longer wildlife has been in your house, the more damage and destruction you will have to deal with. A long-term wildlife infestation may render your home unsafe to live in until after the clean-up.



Clean-up safety precautions


After an animal invasion, you will need to have your property thoroughly cleaned and this is not a job for amateurs. You need to call in the experts to help you with the clean-up because you never know what you might find or how contaminated the area potentially is, attempting to cut costs and do your own clean-up is just not worth the hassle or potential health threats.

There are serious health risks associated with the clean-up of animal feces and urine, and for a severely contaminated home, it is important to take all the necessary safety precautions and use the correct equipment. Bat and bird droppings are associated with the lung disease histoplasmosis, and you do not want to disturb the droppings, causing them to become airborne and spread throughout your house, increasing the risk of infection. A professional wildlife clean-up team will first spray the contaminated area with a light mist before carefully removing the droppings from your attic.

Raccoon feces contain roundworm eggs that can cause serious illness, and even death if accidentally ingested by humans. A professional animal control company knows how to safely remove all raccoon droppings and contaminated materials without posing a risk to your health and safety. Our technicians are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, including overalls, disposable gloves, rubber-soled boots, and particle rated masks, to ensure that they do not put their own health at risk while cleaning your property.

A professional clean-up


Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control technicians start every clean-up job with a detailed interior and exterior inspection of your property, identifying all points of contamination and taking lots of photos so that you can see exactly what you are dealing with. We will not only identify contaminated material, but we will also look for structural damage and potential property risks like chewed electrical wires or holes in your roof.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control technicians will use an industrial gas-powered vacuum to suck all the trampled, soiled and ineffective insulation out of your Etobicoke home. Once all the contaminated material has been safely removed, your attic space is disinfected and with appropriate chemicals before being prepared for reinsulating. Finally, the attic floor is topped with environmentally safe cellulose insulation. To safely remove animal waste from your attic and prevent any cross-contamination, technicians and equipment will enter your property through the roof.

After a professional clean-up, your home will be returned to a healthy, livable state and a clean, properly insulated attic will add value to your home and significantly reduce your home heating and cooling costs.
Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control can take care of all your animal control and clean-up needs in Etobicoke.

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