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Etobicoke Humane Wildlife: Quick Action with Rat Removal

Without a doubt, rats are among the least favoured wildlife creatures on earth; and with good reason too! Not only are they capable of spreading dangerous illnesses, but they also cause damage to a home that can be costly to repair. To keep their homes rat free, residents should choose humane wildlife control for their Etobicoke properties.

Rats and Your Health

Rat urine is a conduit for listeria, the hantavirus, and salmonellosis.  The diseases pass on to people when they touch surfaces on which the rat waste has been deposited. Wild rats have also been associated with leptospirosis, a highly contagious and potentially deadly illness. Since the furry little rodents scurry about almost freely especially when they are foraging, they could potentially spread virus and bacteria all over the building, putting all occupants at risk.

Rats Versus Your Building

Rats chew away at the structure of any building they occupy. The longer rats remain in the building, the greater the damage that occurs. Rat droppings and urine, for example, will, over time, seep into softer material such as wood and lead to rot. They can damage electrical wiring by chewing on them and this creates a fire hazard, putting your entire property and life at risk. They will also wreak havoc on insulation as this is among their favourite items to use for making their nests.

The best solution to mice is timing. The quicker you act on a solution the better chance and less damage you have!

Your Wallet, The Unsuspecting Victim of Rat Invasion

A rat infestation can be costly and there is a lot to lose if you choose not to act promptly in dealing with an infestation. The costs will quickly add up if the situation is allowed to continue. So the longer you wait, the more you’ll end up paying to address the situation. Rats are prolific reproducers and so it doesn’t take long for two to become two dozen As the rat population in your house grows, so does the impact that they have on the space and the people who use it. Inhabitants of the home become more likely to contract rat related diseases and the structural damage escalates to shocking levels.

Because rats are more active during the night, removal and control can be tricky for individuals who are not trained and experienced in wildlife control. Additionally, rats are among the more cunning and elusive of wildlife invaders. It takes special skill and training to predict the behaviour of rats and implement measures that will get them to leave the building.

Got Rats? Act Now!

Once a building is suspected to be hosting rats, it is important that the experts be brought in to tackle the situation. Expert wildlife technicians like those at skedaddle can evaluate your building for signs of rat presence. Once this is confirmed, we get to work crafting a treatment plan that will result in the building being completely rat-free. Our wildlife experts know the animals’ habits and know exactly which sections of the building to target and what methods to use to ensure an effective and complete removal process. We will also reinforce the building’s defences against future invasions by installing barrier technology designed to keep rats out.

A crucial aspect of any effective rat removal process is cleaning and clearing, a service that features prominently in Skedaddle’s humane wildlife control methods. During this process, the material accumulated by the rats is removed. This may include droppings, nesting material, and food stashes. The area is then cleaned to eliminate the risk of bacteria and viruses being passed on to the occupants of the building.Don’t fall victim to the inconvenience, repair related bills and general annoyance caused by rat presence in your home.  Let Skedaddle’s humane wildlife control team turn your Etobicoke home into a rat-free space.

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