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Depending on where you live, you might be subjected to pests entering the home. It is recommended that all homeowners learn animal control methods to keep from being bothered by pesky creatures such as mice or squirrels. Below are a few tips to ensure that creatures do not gain entry to your home.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your home and yard clean is essential to avoiding pests in the home. Starting with the outside, you must keep all garbage cans closed and latched. Raccoons are notorious for eating out of garbage cans which can lead to them venturing closer to your home. Bird feeders are also enticing to squirrels and raccoons. If you find that these creatures are coming and eating bird feed, you may have to remove the feeders until the creatures find another food source. If not, you may end up needing the assistance of wildlife removal experts!

Inside the home, practice quality housekeeping by not leaving out food overnight. Mice love to eat crumbs and if you leave food items on the counter often, you may find that mouse control is needed. Avoid having these tiny creatures in your home by cleaning up after every meal. Keep all bags and containers of food tightly closed as well. If you see any signs in your food cabinets of mice, such as chewed food bags or droppings, contact wildlife removal services for assistance.

Protecting Your Attic Space

The attic is an area of the home that many creatures find comforting. From raccoons to squirrels and bats, the attic can make a great home. It is important to ensure your attic cannot be accessed by the creatures outdoors. Look at your roofline. Are there tree limbs where a squirrel could easily climb to your roof? If so, trim back these branches to remove access.. Do you have any soffits or openings where creatures could enter? You can easily use small grated metal to cover any openings. The small grates will keep the creatures outside but help the vents or other areas to continue to function as they should.

You can also install motion lighting to detract raccoons from trying to enter the home. Motion lights will cut on as soon as movement is detected. Raccoons will run away rather than try to find a way to enter your home.

Signs of Pests

There are signs that are clear indicators that you have a pest problem. You may begin to hear sounds coming from the attic such as little feet walking or squeaking. You may see droppings in your kitchen cabinets which represent a mouse living in your home. Learn the signs of local creatures so that you can know when to contact wildlife control for assistance.

Overall, if you are proactive, you can prevent creatures from coming inside your home. However, you may still experience an incident over time. When pests decide to enter your home, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for assistance. The wildlife removal experts will quickly assess your situation and provide a quality solution for removal.

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