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Rexdale Wildlife Services: Expert Humane Raccoon Removal is Essential


Cities like Rexdale are facing serious challenges of wildlife intrusion. Animals like raccoons are roaming cities in alarming numbers and ransacking every corner of the city in a bid to find food and shelter to survive. Take for example Toronto, according to their statistics, there are approximately 100,000 raccoons that call this city home. Thankfully there is humane wildlife removal and prevention services available to Toronto and surrounding areas like Rexdale to help address the wildlife problems that emerge.

What You Should Know About City Raccoons


City raccoons are known for their size and intelligence. These urban foragers often have more body fat than their rural counterparts. Of course, experts agree that this is due to the type of food at their disposal. These raccoons chow down on the same fatty foods that people in the cities consume. When it comes to a popular snack food for raccoons it can range from your pets food to some of our favourites like pizza, burgers, fries, and chips. Sadly their diets have been adjusted to include these unhealthy items to survive in urban settings.

In addition to expanding their already opportunistic diet, life in the city has caused raccoons to adjust the way they operate. They have developed behaviours that allow them to manage the fast-paced life of the city. These raccoons navigate night-time pedestrian and vehicular traffic and are not daunted by the bright lights of the city. One thing they still have in common with their rural counterparts is the determination to get their meals.

City Raccoons and the Dumpster Dilemma


In an effort to get the food they desire so much, raccoons will, unfortunately, fail to secure their escape plans. This results in them being trapped inside containers such as dumpsters. Other times, they get trapped in tight spaces like vents, a dilemma that is likely to face city raccoons due to their size. Unless they are lucky and have a helping hand from a person, like one Toronto-based school caretaker who releases raccoons from a dumpster on the school premises each morning, raccoons that are trapped in dumpsters often have no way out. A video depicting the release of the raccoons (posted online) reveals that the incident is a routine for the caretaker and the raccoons. Obviously, they’ve developed a kind of relationship.

What to Do If Raccoons Intrude


If you discover that raccoons have established home inside your house or apartment building, you should avoid contact with the animals. Don’t attempt the feat of that Toronto school caretaker (who seems to have established a relationship with the raccoons as well as a strategy that works for the dumpster situation.) Like many other wildlife animals, raccoons can carry diseases like rabies which, if transmitted to people can be fatal. Rabies is transmitted by a lick, scratch or bite from an infected animal. And you may not always be able to tell if a raccoon is infected with rabies. Additionally, in an effort to remove raccoons from your premises, you may end up hurting them as many novice wildlife removers usually do.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Controls humane wildlife removal service begins with a thorough 35-50 point inspection designed to reveal the exact nature of your wildlife problem. The results of the inspection are used to prepare a plan for the removal. The next step is the removal process which includes clearing your Rexdale property of all wildlife animals, their trappings (such as nesting material) and biological waste. The third step is protecting and preventing during which we install barrier technology and seal all access points to prevent future intrusions. The materials used for the barriers is guaranteed for life. Keeping your home free of raccoons for many years.

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